Medjugorje: Should We Be Afraid? (Mundabor)

[ Since “Mundabor” is a private, one man operation I will only provide a link. And, for those not familiar with Mundabor’s blog, he rarely if ever engages in understated politesse. The following link contains, for him, a calmer-than-usual approach to a matter of no small importance: Whether Rome’s authority, especially after the past 27 months of mayhem, will be duly exercised against the largest single hoax in Church history? / gpmtrad ]

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One comment on “Medjugorje: Should We Be Afraid? (Mundabor)

  1. Perhaps, in some indirect, secondary or tertiary fashion. Heck, Clinton and Obama could never have become president had it not been for the apostasy of the Catholics who voted them in so, in that sense, yeah – it’s possible.

    V2 was ground zero and the shock waves have yet to cease expanding.

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