Memo from G.K. Chesterton to Francis

G.K. Chesterton did not mince words.

“I am firmly convinced that the Reformation of the sixteenth century was as near as any mortal thing can come to unmixed evil.

Even the parts of it that might appear plausible and enlightened from a purely secular standpoint have turned out rotten and reactionary, also from a purely secular standpoint.

By substituting the Bible for the sacrament, it created a pedantic caste of those who could read,superstitiously identified with those who could think.

By destroying the monks, it took social work from the poor philanthropists who choseto deny themselves, and gave it to the rich philanthropists who choseto assert themselves.

By preaching individualism while preserving inequality, it produced modern capitalism.

It destroyed the only league of nations that ever had a chance.

It produced the worst wars of nations that ever existed.

It produced the most efficient form of Protestantism, which is Prussia.

And it is producing the worst part of paganism, which is slavery.”

– New Witness, June 20, 1919

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One comment on “Memo from G.K. Chesterton to Francis

  1. … and it finally conscripted the better part of the hierarchy to march lockstep with it into the abyss. 1962

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