The Australian Editorial Favorable to Cardinal Pell (?)

Can You believe it? I’ve found a favorable editorial to cardinal George Pell, that of The Australian.



Abuse victims ill-served by witch-hunt against Pell

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3 comments on “The Australian Editorial Favorable to Cardinal Pell (?)

  1. The cataclysmic collapse of prudence, decorum and common sense that has become de rigueur since that darkest of Roman nights in 2013 only worsens. Such insanely poor decisions, i.e., conferring a “papal commission” on someone as unfit and unstable as Saunders, would have been literally unthinkable only fifty years ago.

    The cardinal is not even a traditionalist, hence an “enemy” of the Argentine, Cuban or Chinese Politburos. But the Corleone-style vendetta being openly encouraged within the Motel 6 is reminiscent of the cruelties dispensed under Volpi against the founder of the FFI in Italy.

    This time around, the “offender” (i.e., one who does not prostrate himself before a street wino or streetwalker or who might take exception to a pope washing the feet of a drag queen on Holy Thursday) is being scourged through liberal humiliation – despite his administrative rectitude – and not placed under house arrest.

  2. Maybe Rome is giving Pell the Finn treatment? We’ll see more before the sin-nod, I’d guess.

  3. These are just nasty attempts to hobble Pell before the Synod. They don’t want him leading the charge against the Kasperites again..

    If the Pope had any common sense or cajones he would kick Saunders off the commission. But he hasn’t so he won’t.

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