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Attorneys: Attacks on people of faith to increase

Attorneys: Attacks on people of faith to increase

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The battle in defense of natural marriage and its adherents doesn’t stop with last week’s Supreme Court decision that found a constitutional right to homosexual “marriage.” That’s the opinion of several conservative legal minds.

There’s much work yet to be done, says Jonathan Saenz with Texas Values.

“This overrides the votes of over 50 million voters,” he tells OneNewsNow. “You know, the freedom to democratically address society’s most fundamental institution is essential to ordered liberty – but the court has taken that freedom away from the people.” read more


Martyrology-July 1st
Roman Martyrology-July 1st- on this date in various years-

The Octave of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist.

The feast of the most Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

On Mt. Hor, the death of St. Aaron, the first priest of the Levitical order.

At Vienne in France, St. Martin, a bishop who was a disciple of the apostles.

At Sinuessa in Campania the holy martyrs Castus and Secundinus, bishops.

In England, the holy martyrs Julius and Aaron, who suffered after St. Alban in the persecution of Diocletian. In the same country a great number were tortured at that time in different ways and barbarously lacerated, ended their combat, and attained to the joys of the heavenly city. read more


Martyrology-June 30th
Roman Martyrology-June 30th- on this date in various years-

The commemoration of the holy apostle Paul.

At Rome, St. Lucina, a disciple of the apostles, who relieved the necessities of the saints with her goods, visited the Christians detained in prison, buried the martyrs, and was laid by their side in a crypt which she herself had constructed.

In the same city, St. Aemiliana, martyr.

The same day, the saints Caius, priest, and Leo, subdeacon.

At Alexandria, the passion of St. Basilides, under Emperor Severus. He protected the saintly virgin Potamioena from the insults of shameless men when he was leading her to execution. He was rewarded for his considerate action, for at the end of three days she appeared to him, placed a crown on his head, not only converting him to Christ, but by her prayers making him, after a short combat, a glorious martyr. read more

Cardinal Dolan asks Pope Francis for Cuban cigars

Source: NY Post

Cardinal Dolan asks Pope Francis for Cuban cigars

Holy (Cuban) smoke!

Timothy Cardinal Dolan is a cigar aficionado who has his eye on a large clandestine supply of Havana cheroots.

His Eminence, a guest at a breakfast last week hosted by the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, laid out how Pope Francis accepted his invitation to New York, John Aidan Byrne reports.

The Big Apple is a significant side visit tied to the Holy Father’s attendance at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, and part of his six-day whirlwind US tour starting in DC on Sept. 22. read more


Martyrology-June 29th
Roman Martyrology-June 29th- on this date in various years-

At Rome, the birthday of the holy apostles Peter and Paul, who suffered martyrdom on the same day, under Emperor Nero. Within the city the former was crucified with his head downwards, and buried in the Vatican, near the Triumphal Way, where he is venerated by the whole world. The latter was put to the sword and buried on the Ostian Way, where he received similar honours.

In Cypus, St. Mary, mother of John, surnamed Mark. read more


Martyrology-June 28th
Roman Martyrology-June 28th- on this date in various years-

The vigil of the holy apostles Peter and Paul.

At Lyons in France, St. Irenaeus, bishop and martyr. St. Jerome relates that he was the disciple of blessed Polycarp, bishop of Smyrna, and lived near the time of the apostles. After having strenuously opposed the heretics by word and by writing, he was crowned with a glorious martyrdom along with almost all the people of his city, during the persecution of Severus.

At Utrecht, St. Benignus, bishop and martyr. read more

Armenian Catholic Patriarch, Nerses Bedros, RIP +

Catholic World News – June 25, 2015

The head of the Armenian Catholic Church has died of a heart attack, according to a Lebanese media report.

Born in Cairo in 1940 and ordained to the priesthood in 1965, Nerses Bedros XIX Tarmouni was appointed the Armenian Catholic bishop of Alexandria, Egypt, in 1989 and elected patriarch in 1999.

The Armenian Catholic Church, an Eastern Catholic church in full communion with the Holy See, has 376,000 members. Headquartered in Beirut, it has eparchies (dioceses) in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, and the United States.
__________________________________________________________ read more

Texas Guv Fires Back at Today’s SCOTUS Decision

[ Yeah, I know. It’s just another GOP prez wannabe but thus far this morning (which it still is out here on the Left Coast) it was as close to ” somethin’ ” as I’ve found to post that’s at least halfway worth takin’ a gander at… /gpmtrad ]

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today issued the following statement regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges:

“I am disappointed the Supreme Court today chose to change the centuries old definition of marriage as between one man and one woman. I’m a firm believer in traditional marriage, and I also believe the 10th Amendment leaves it to each state to decide this issue. I fundamentally disagree with the court rewriting the law and assaulting the 10th Amendment. Our founding fathers did not intend for the judicial branch to legislate from the bench, and as president, I would appoint strict Constitutional conservatives who will apply the law as written.” read more

Homos and Queers Rule SCOTUS

The title of this post says all I want to say about the subject. Shame on them and may God be their Judge. Are there any Catholics on the Court? I don’t think so. Our country has gone downhill and we are the poorer for it.

Will Catholic Colleges Learn From Marian Court’s Closing?

[Hat-tip to HowlinglyAbsurd]

Will Catholic Colleges Learn From Marian Court’s Closing?

By Adam Wilson 06/25/2015

“We hide the word ‘Catholic’ from prospective students.” So said a staff member at Jesuit Regis University in a widely-read Atlantic article last year. Sadly, such an approach to marketing is no anomaly among Catholic colleges and universities, many of which are filling seats with students whose focus is on practical concerns and secular interests but not Catholic formation. read more


Martyrology-June 27th
Roman Martyrology-June 27th- on this date in various years-

In Galatia, St. Crescens, disciple of the blessed apostle Paul. In passing through Gaul he converted many to the Christian faith by his preaching. Returning to the people for whom he had been especially made bishop, he confirmed the Galatians in the service of the Lord to the end of his life. He finally completed his martyrdom under Trajan.

At Cordova in Spain, St. Zoilus and nineteen other martyrs.

At Caesarea in Palestine, in the persecution of Diocletian, under the governor Urban, St. Anectus, martyr. For having exhorted others to suffer martyrdom, and having overthrown idols by his prayers, he was scourged by ten soldiers, had his hands and feet cut off, and merited the crown of martydom by beheading. read more


Martyrology-June 26th
Roman Martyrology-June 26th- on this date in various years-

At Rome on Mt. Ceolius, the holy martyrs John and Paul, brothers. The former was steward, the other secretary of the virgin Constantia, daughter of Emperor Constantine. Afterwards, under Julian the Apostate, they received the palm of martyrdom by being beheaded.

At Trent, St. Vigilius, bishop, who, while he endeavoured to root out the remains of idolatry, was overwhelmed with a shower of stones by cruel and barbarous men, and thus endured martyrdom for the name of Christ. read more


Martyrology-June 25th
Roman Martyrology-June 25th- on this date in various years-

In the territory of Guletto near Nusco, St. William, confessor, founder of the hermits of Monte Vergine.

At Beraea, the birthday of St. Sosipater, disciple of the blessed apostle Paul.

At Rome, St. Lucy, virgin and martyr, with twenty-two others.

At Alexandria, St. Gallicanus, exconsul and martyr who had been honoured with a triumph, and was held in affection by the emperor Constantine. Converted by Saints John and Paul, he withdrew to Ostia with St. Hilarinus, and consecrated himself entirely to the duties of hospitality and to the service of the sick. The report of such an event spread throughout the whole world, and from all sides many people came to see a man who had been a senator and consul now washing the feet of the poor, preparing their table, serving them, carefully waiting on the infirm, and exercising other works of mercy. Driven from this place by Julian the Apostate, he repaired to Alexandria, where, for refusing to sacrifice to idols, at the command of the judge Raucian, he was put to the sword, and thus became a martyr of Christ. read more

John Vennari: “Religion at the Service of Ecology – Francis’ Laudato Si and the Boff Connection”

Religion at the Service of Ecology
Francis’ Laudato Si and the Boff Connection

By John Vennari

The purpose of Pope Francis’ Laudato Si is to promote “ecological awareness,” “ecological conversion,” and to advance responsible “ecological citizenship”. Everything else in the document – everything else – is meant to serve this final goal.

Even the most “Catholic parts” of the document at the end – where there is mention of the Eucharist, the Blessed Trinity, Our Lady, St. Joseph – ­are not for the sake of leading people in devotion to these Divine goods as ends in themselves, but to provide a basis to spur us toward ecological awareness and ecological conversion.
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