Fr. Linus Clovis on the Francis Effect: “We are witnessing St. John Paul II’s prophesy of an ‘anti-Church”

Fr. Linus Clovis on the Francis Effect: “We are witnessing St. John Paul II’s prophesy of an ‘anti-Church”

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2 comments on “Fr. Linus Clovis on the Francis Effect: “We are witnessing St. John Paul II’s prophesy of an ‘anti-Church”

  1. BOMBSHELL IN ROME: Priest Calls Amoris Laetitia ‘Trojan Horse’, Exposes Rise of Anti-Church

    Written by Michael Matt | Editor

    This just in from LifeSiteNews: — St. John Paul II’s 1976 prophetic warning about the rise of an “anti-Church” that would preach an “anti-Gospel” is being fulfilled today by leaders within the Catholic Church, even at the highest levels, said a priest in a talk given at a Catholic conference today in Rome. Fr. Linus Clovis of Family Life International said in his talk at the Rome Life Forum, organized by Voice of the Family, that the anti-Gospel of the anti-Church is often “indistinguishable from secular ideology, which has overturned both the natural law and the Ten Commandments.”

    “This anti-Gospel, which seeks to elevate the individual’s will to consume, to pleasure and to power over the will of God, was rejected by Christ when tempted in the wilderness. Disguised as ‘human rights,’ it has reappeared, in all its luciferian hubris, to promulgate a narcissistic, hedonistic attitude that rejects any constraint except that imposed by man-made laws,” he said. READ MORE HERE

    REMNANT COMMENT: God bless and keep Father Clovis! This is one of the most revealing, explicit and truthful speeches given in the Eternal City in the post-conciliar era. He ties in Fatima, Amoris Laetitia and then courageously explains the role of Pope Francis in the rise of the Anti-Church. Here, for example, is Fathers’ take on AL:

    “As a Trojan horse, Amoris Laetitia spells spiritual ruin for the entire Church. As a gauntlet thrown down it calls for courage in overcoming fear. In either case, it is now poised to separate the anti-Church of which St. John Paul II spoke from the Church that Christ founded. As the separation begins to take place, each one of us, like the angels, will have to decide for himself whether he would rather be wrong with Lucifer than right without him.”

    This LifeSiteNews article should be sent to every priest and bishop in America.

  2. Whatever one can say about his pontificate, Bishop Karol Wojtyła’s prophetic insights into the clash between the Church and the modernist anti-Church in 1976, some forty years before the ‘Benedict Option’ debates, was spot on. People may forget the disorientation and spiritual malaise of the modernist Spirit of Vatican II Church in the 1970s during the reign of Pope Paul VI.
    The discussion which Father Clovis has picked up on is the one that is needed among the hierarchy and clergy, one that addresses apostasy directly.

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