Mike Matt to Colombian Headcase: “Get the hell out!”

Saturday, May 16, 2015
Get the Hell Out of Our Church, Your Excellency

Written by Michael Matt | Editor


According to Crux.com, “A Colombian bishop, insisting that being homosexual is not a sin, said Thursday it’s possible that one of the twelve apostles of Jesus was gay or that Mary Magdalene, another key New Testament figure, was a lesbian.

“Bishop Juan Vicente Córdoba of Fontibón, Colombia, also said the Catholic Church does not oppose same-sex couples making a life together, but does not consider such arrangements to be a marriage or a family. ‘No one chooses to be gay or straight,’ Córdoba said. ‘One simply feels, loves, experiments, is attracted, and no attraction is bad.’

“Córdoba was speaking at a conference about gay marriage and adoption hosted by the local University of Los Andes, at a time when Colombia is debating gay marriage and adoption rights. Although Córdoba reiterated Church teaching when it comes to marriage – that it’s a union between a man and a woman, permanent, and open to children – he said that homosexuality isn’t a sin.

“Sin is something else. It’s not respecting the dignity of others. Not loving God and our neighbors as we love ourselves, not feeding the hungry, not giving water to the thirsty,” Córdoba said.

He added that he prefers “a thousand times over” for Colombians to have dignity, a proper health system and food for all, rather than talking about whether they’re gay or straight.

According to local reports, Córdoba said that in the Bible there’s no explicit rejection of homosexuality, suggesting there’s no basis for making a condemnation of homosexuality a Church doctrine.

“We don’t know if one of Jesus’ disciples” had a same-sex orientation, he said. “We don’t know either if Mary Magdalene was a lesbian.” If you can stomach it, the rest of this rubbish is here.

REMNANT COMMENT: You know what, Bishop Cordoba? Please get the hell out of the Catholic Church! Seriously, you’re leading tens of thousands to hell, you’re bending over backwards to remove the stigma from one of the four sins that cries to heaven for vengeance—which is a gross violation of charity to those afflicted with same-sex attraction, you don’t seem to believe in sin which makes it unlikely that you believe in hell. So I hope you’re not offended if we invite you to go somewhere that doesn’t exist. Have a nice trip!

I don’t see how this psycho bishop, who for no good reason at all, floats the idea that the great St. Mary Magdalene could have been a lesbian and that some of Christ’s apostles may have been gay (why not Christ himself, Juan?), can be considered anything other than a disgrace to the Catholic Church. I couldn’t care any less about his bogus little nods to ‘marriage between between one man and one woman BUT’ bit, which is his way of couching abomination in something that sounds vaguely in line with Church teaching to the clueless few who are still paying attention.

The bishop later apologized (sort of!) for his offensive prattle, which ticked off the homosexual community as well, by the way (which likely explains the apology), but as far as we’re concerned—we’re done! We’ve had enough. I’m sure Bishop Juan is in “full communion” with the Vatican but get this man a millstone.

God save us from our shepherds.

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One comment on “Mike Matt to Colombian Headcase: “Get the hell out!”

  1. “you’re bending over backwards to remove the stigma from one of the four sins that cries to heaven for vengeance”

    Bending he may be, but odds are that it is not backwards.

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