A Question for Any Numerologists Out There

I quote the following from an SSPX “Epistola” article on Fatima, received today by email…


“A relation of sacred numerology at Fatima—a mere coincidence? It is interesting to note that between the dates of the Fatima apparitions we count 153 days. Like the 153 Ave Marias of the rosary. Also like the 153 big fishes caught miraculously by Peter which symbolize the elect according to St. Augustine. As 153 is the sum of the 17 first digits, 17 are needed to be elect. 17 is 7 + 10! 7 like the Faith in Jesus, true man (4) and true God (3) and 10 like the practice of the 10 Commandments.”

Regarding the emboldened phrase, does “4” = the physical body plus the mind, will and intellect (the three faculties of the soul)?

Inquiring minds want to know – sort of, since I suspect numerology is a nice hobby for those inclined but hardly reliable in theology. Anyway, if someone cares to hanker a guess or could actually provide a relevant guide to the matter, it might prove interesting.

Sort of…

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4 comments on “A Question for Any Numerologists Out There

  1. GPMtrad (655 in ASCII) + body, mind, will, intellect (4) + 7 days a week = 666.


    • Yikes!

      Well, considering whether I actually have a mind left any more is debatable, I may sneak by on a one digit difference.

      If that one doesn’t work, I can raise a dubitum since “Eight Days A Week” was established as a cultural monument nearly 50 years ago, thus changing the sum under the thesis of “living tradition.”

  2. If you are interested in numerology, I would suggest Fatima The Signs and Secrets by Marianna Bartold, chapter 9

  3. MJF, thank you for your suggestion. I know Marianna Bartold only slightly. She and another Trad friend co-moderate a web site.

    I still think numerology is an interesting hobby and I recall Fr. Rutler once telling his audience that the co-incidence of 153 fish and the 153 Aves may or may not be taken seriously as a “sign” of anything. ( Simply that something “could” mean something does not mean it actually does. )

    However, if occasion permits, I’ll be happy to revisit my crusty prejudices.

    : – )

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