“My Way or the Highway”

This is an answer to those in the Church who insist that we, traditionalists, are the ones that are wrong and that we have a pharisaic attitude. In truth it is they who have that attitude by their insistence on “my way or the highway” for faculties and jurisdiction. Look at history. Starting in 1970 when Archbishop Lefebvre agreed to head a group of traditional Catholics who loved the traditional Mass and sacraments and the teaching(s) that went along with them. What happened? Rome said: Oh, no, you must do things our way or we will withdraw ecclesiastical recognition. Archbishop pleaded with Rome to allow the newly formed SSPX to ordain priests in the traditional rite and for a bishop or bishops who would ensure the continuance of this practice for the future. What happened? Rome refused to allow the bishop(s) that Tradition demanded and put off the Archbishop for months, even years, at a time. In the meantime there were other groups who valued Tradition to such an extent that they set up their own apostolates and refused the “my way or the highway” approach. Some, sadly, became empty-seaters and went off on their own tangents. Rome’s answer? Excommunicate them, or try to, and deny them any sort of official recognition or jurisdiction. And, to make matters worse instead of better, they set up a competing structure that looks Traditional but is beholding to the Modernists for their very existence. To this day the traditionalists are maligned and disdained by even the Pope himself and who knows how long the Traditional Mass and Sacraments will be tolerated by these clowns?

That is the truth, folks, it’s “my way or the highway” in the novus ordo Church and the latest example, that of the Bishop of Colorado Springs in his attack on a small group of less than 150 souls in his own diocese, www.diocs.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=vodXjPD6xzw%3d&tabid=58&mid=3350, shows just how vindictive these people are. It’s like “Yeah, I gave them temporary faculties but they hurt my feelings with their private letter exposing all the things going downhill in the diocese so I took them back. Are you kidding me? But see, they’ve made a great mistake in saying in their own code of canon law that the primary law of the Church is the Salvation of Souls and nothing trumps that, absolutely nothing, because the Church always provides faculties in a necessity.

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  1. phaley,

    Are you making reference to FSSP and ICRSP in this post? If so, I would be interested in hear more about your assessment of these groups.

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