J Vennari on Kasper’s Scandalous New Book on Marriage

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CFN Media 8: Kasper Says Don’t Rely on Jesus’ Words
This may be the most important CFN Media video we’ve done yet, and will probably contain a number of points you’ve not heard before. Do you want a better grasp of Cardinal Kasper’s dissent from Catholic truth and his disregard for Biblical inerrancy? Do you know how this affects the present discussion on “Communion for the divorced and remarried”? Do you want a clearer understanding of the frightening mindset of those preparing the October 2015 Synod? Do you want to better comprehend the ramifications? Do you want to know what influence do modernists such as Kasper have on Pope Francis?

“Yesterday, before going to sleep – although I did not do this to put myself to sleep – I read or rather re-read the work of Cardinal Kasper [keynote address to the 2014 Consistory of Cardinals], and I would like to thank him, because I found profound theology, and even serene thinking in theology. It is pleasant to read serene theology. And I also found what Saint Ignatius told us about, that ‘sensus Ecclesiae,’ love for Mother Church. It did me good and an idea came to me – excuse me, Eminence, if I embarrass you – but the idea is that this is called ‘doing theology on one’s knees.’ Thank you. Thank you.” – Pope Francis to the 2014 Consistory of Cardinals on the day after Cardinal Kasper’s address.

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4 comments on “J Vennari on Kasper’s Scandalous New Book on Marriage

  1. Too bad the Index Librorum Prohibitorum was abolished. This book would most certainly be at the top of the list.

  2. I watched John Vennari’s talk.
    Cardinal Kasper is a total heretic.
    If you really listen to what Kasper says he is, in reality, an atheist.
    By denying Our Lord’s Virgin Birth, Resurrection and miracles, Kasper is denying Our Lord’s Divinity and thereby Kasper is showing himself to be, in practical terms, an atheist.

  3. OF

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    For sinner and virgin
    But the Rhine’s vineyard reds
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  4. Just as, since the earliest days of the Church, widowhood was an honored and authentically holy state of life, so is the cross of civil divorce and all its grave losses and inconveniences.

    Catholics, without exception, are called to an exemplary state of supernatural life, even while in the body. Without suffering, without responsibility (which is sloughed off, at least spiritually, in the ontologically impossible condition of “re-marriage” while one’s lawful and sacramental spouse is still alive) there is NO evidence to which one may point that a “civilly remarried” Catholic is in any fashion living up to Christ’s teaching. Instead, that soul is living in the state or mortal sin, 24/7 against the Sixth Commandment. Period.

    Only yesterday, on EWTN radio, yet another female voiced waxed poetically over her own “spiritual work with blended families” in some diocese.

    What absolute nonsense. God hates sin – any sin. And He does NOT listen to the prayers of unrepentant souls void of sanctifying grace due to mortal sin.

    Allowing that the matter is grave and enormous, popes, cardinals, bishops and priests have nevertheless NO authority to nibble at the edges of doctrine (which is exactly what is explicitly and implicitly indicated, above, in the prelate’s comments) and, instead, must be explicit, absolutely traditional and doctrinally orthodox whenever teaching, judging or preaching on sins against the Sixth Commandment.

    It’s that, or it’s an act of open defiance of Divine Positive Law. For too long, too many have made the most unfortunate decisions, opting for the latter alternative in the name of “pastoral considerations.” It is the antithesis of pastoral solicitude for the eternal salvation of souls if one merely looks on, tut-tutting, while one after another sheep is dragged off by wolves and devoured.

    Ratum et consummatum. Until death do thee part. Fini.

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