Martyrology-April 27th
Roman Martyrology-April 27th-on this date in various years-

St. Peter Canisius, priest of the Society of Jesus, confessor and doctor of the Church, who departed to the Lord on the 21st of December.

At Nicomedia, during the persecution of Diocletian, the birthday of St. Anthimus, bishop and martyr, who obtained the glory of martyrdom by being beheaded for the faith. Nearly all his numerous flock followed him. The judge ordered some to be beheaded, others to be burned alive, others to be put in boats and sunk in the sea.

At Tarsus in Cilicia, the Saints Castor and Stephen, martyrs.

At Bologna, St. Tertullian, bishop and confessor.

At Brescia, St. Theophilus, bishop.

In Egypt, St. Theodore, abbot, who was a disciple of St. Pachomius.

At Constantinople, the abbot St. John, who valiantly defended the veneration of sacred images, under Leo the Isaurian.

At Tarragona in Spain, the blessed Peter Armengaudius, of the Order of Blessed Mary of Mercy for the Redemption of Captives. He endured many tribulations in Africa in ransoming the faithful, and finally closed his career peacefully in the convent of St. Mary of the Meadows.

At Lucca in Tuscany, blessed Zita, a virgin renowned for virtues and miracles.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God.

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