Nincompoop in Charge Falls All Over Himself [Obama apologizes for the killing of two hostages in Afghan operation*]

I will not let this Jerk shower the American people with his version of what happened.* What he should have said in his recently concluded news briefing on the killing of two AID workers is this: “War is hell and mistakes are made but we targeted an Al Quaeda hideout in which the Al Quaeda murderers hid two innocent AID workers, They did this order to make a publicity stunt implying that it was the fault of the US that innocent lives were taken in the fog of war. No, it was the fault of the terrorists and we will continue to hunt them down with all the resources at our disposal. We pray that their familiies will take comfort in the knowledge that Almighty God will honor and reward their deceased family members for their sacrifice.”

*Addendum to header by Tom the Moderator for those who may think at first glance [as he did] that it refers to Pope Francis rather than the Big O.

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