Abp. Gadecki Nixes Divorced/Remarried “Spritual Communions”

[ This report puts front and center the REALITY of the “Hard Teachings of Jesus Christ.” According to the Perennial Magisterium, the prayer of ANYONE in the state of mortal sin is REJECTED by God – period (save for the exceedingly rare occurrence of perfect contrition firmly intent on being absolved sacramentally as soon as possible.) He is by definition an enemy of God. Whether a Catholic, a heretic, a schismatic or a pagan, unless the individual integrally REPENTS and is sacramentally absolved by the Church and REFORMS his life, he is lost – period. Anyone ignoring this, including those ordained who are knowingly complicit in administering the sacramental graces to those KNOWN to be in an objective state of mortal sin and/or counseling similarly, are, in addition, guilty of grave sacrilege. To give up habitual mortal sin (or even but one mortal sin) is never without arduous sacrifice for which merely wishful emotionalism can never suffice as a “substitution.” One more example of the absolute necessity of Catholics who are in the state of grace to pray constantly for the conversion of sinners, a prayer which DOES constrain God to assist, that they might repent, those in mortal sin. This reality was presented in every authentic, approved apparition by Our Lady. gpmtrad ]


Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki, President of the Polish Episcopal Conference on the divorced and remarried and spiritual communion

Corrispondenza Romana

April 14, 2015

“The divorced and remarried cannot make spiritual communion” , Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki, President of the Polish Episcopal Conference affirmed in an intervention at the Convention “What God joined together…” Marriage, Family and Sexuality in the Context of the Synod of Bishops 2014-2015” which took place on April 14that the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw. Archbishop Gadecki, who stood out during the Synod of Bishops in 2014 for his defense of Catholic morality, wanted to respond to those, such as Cardinal Kasper who sustain that if the divorced and remarried can receive spiritual communion, they can also receive the Sacrament. The use that is made of the term “spiritual communion” in order to justify the admittance of the divorced and remarried to the Sacraments is absolutely improper, explained Archbishop Gadecki. Spiritual communion refers, in fact, to people in a state of grace, who, on account of a physical impediment, cannot receive Communion (as happened for example, in the part of Poland occupied by the Soviets after the Second World War).

On the contrary, it cannot refer to those who are forbidden to receive the Eucharist on account of a moral impediment they can freely remove, by abandoning the situation of sin they are in. All those who are in a state of God’s grace can make a spiritual communion. Those who are in a state of sin, can pray, attend Mass, develop their relationship with God, but this relationship cannot be defined as spiritual communion. Pastoral care cannot contradict the Magisterium of the Church, reaffirmed Archbishop Gadecki, recalling that individual Episcopal Conferences do not have the authority to introduce doctrinal novelties, even if they were requested by the majority of Catholics in that [particular] Country. The Church, in fact, must express the sensus fidelium, which does not reflect the sociological majority of the faithful, but the consonance of the faith experienced with the perennial Magisterium of the Church.

At the Convention which took place at the Catholic University of Warsaw in the presence of the principal academic authorities and a great many students, the conferences were delivered by Professors Roberto de Mattei, of the Università Europea di Roma, Tadeusz Guz, of the Catholic University of Lublin, Grzegorz Kucharczyk of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Mathias von Gersdorff of the European Institute of Social Sciences.

[Translation: contributor Francesca Romana]

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  1. What a breath of fresh air. God bless the archbishop.

    Hey GPM — how are you doing?

  2. Apart from living 24/7 in an environment saturated with “spiritual commies” and other assorted fruits and nuts, idolaters and poltroons, the weather and scenery are always terrific and I’m mending day by day. Thanks for asking, Cyprian.

    Btw, this is the only forum on which I will, on occasion, post anything anymore. And even then, much more rarely than I have over the past nearly eight years.

    I deliberated on the comments from Ed Faust (of CFN fame and legend ) that he, too, had argued, polemicized, become blue in the face and waved his arms around so much, for decades, whenever he encountered liberals that he decided to quit wasting his time. Like him, I’ve never “converted” even one progressivist, yet.

    AQ has maintained what is still the rarest commodity in Trad-dom, common sense and a broad perspective. The other “trad” fora I strayed onto ( by invitation and only beginning in mid-2012 ) are all basket cases and not worth the ulcer-producing threat they present.

    Anathema sit!

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