Bombardment with Crap?

Well, let’s see. We are constantly harangued by “in your face” characters pitching everything from same-sex marriage to ‘there is no god or god is dead.” We have the most preposterous images thrust before us on TV and the electronic media, everything from “I never met a tatoo I didn’t like” to hair down to their knees and pants showing the crack of their bottom. Women showing everything in every stage of undress to complete nudity, all in the name of freedom and “my civil rights” for they are a persecuted minority, don’t you know. And, oh yes, let us not forget those obviously living in sin who demand these same “civil rights. We have preposterous claims that man knows best and all we need is a hand-held computer to sort things out and find the truth. We have politicians that promise us that all will be fine when they are elected but who can’t even find their way to the “Gender-neutral bathroom” without help. We even have, of all things, a church hierarchy which throws down the gauntlet to those struggling to retain their Faith in a sea of apostasy – saying you do not follow the Kool-Aid driven philosophy of us Vatican II-ers so you are outside the church. They even threaten us with legalisms, citing the 1983 Code of Canon Law and completely forgetting the supreme law of the Church which even the 1983 Code says is the salvation of souls. We even have a bishop who publicly disavows a group of Traditional clergy and can’t even get the ordination date of the group’s Father Superior correct but insists the group is without faculties or jurisdiction. And, meanwhile Lucifer and his agents are having a field-day, rolling all over the place in laughter at our foolishness. I mean, come on folks, the evidence of the bombardment is overwhelming and the stink is horrendous!

May Almighty God provide in our age of distress. O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, pray for us.

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