“It is not meant for my time.” Oh Really?

The following is taken from the website: www.eclipseofthechurch.com/Warnings.htm (I have no way of confirming the truth of what is said. Nevertheless, it is a reasonable and plausible explanation for what state the Church is in today.) If John XXIII did indeed say of the Third Secret of Fatima: “It is not meant for my time” then it exposes the hypocrisy that exists in the highest echelons of the Church.

When 1960 finally arrived, Pius XII’s legitimate successor had been swept aside, and in his place intruded the accused Rosicrucian, Angelo Roncalli (John XXIII), who had the effrontery to quash the message from the Mother of God with the deceitful excuse: “It is not meant for my time.” According to one account, damaging clues concerning Roncalli’s true motive for smothering the Third Secret of Fatima surfaced in newspapers from a country far removed from Rome:

” . . . The first and principal part of that secret is still being suppressed by the people who would be exposed and incriminated by its publication, those Modernists who have finally succeeded in “infiltrating into the highest places in the Church,” including the papal throne itself. On Monday, September 11, 1972, THE INDIAN EXPRESS, largest daily newspaper in India, carried an article about the Fatima Secret. On Sunday, September 10, the UNI (United News of India) hurriedly dispatched the following news to all Indian papers and called special attention of the Associated Press and ANSA (Italian News Service). The action was prompted by the tremendous impact which leaflets on the Fatima Secret, distributed by Roman Catholics in Cochin, had made upon Indian Catholics that Sunday.

“‘The leaflet said that the Virgin Mary appeared to three children at Fatima, Portugal, in 1917. She had left one of them with a secret message with instructions that it be sent to the Pope in a sealed envelope that should be opened and made public in 1960.

“‘This was the FATIMA SECRET which the Vatican has failed to publish, the leaflet asserted.

“‘It alleged that the Vatican had not revealed the contents of the message so far, as ordained by the Virgin. This, the leaflet contended, was because the message was self-damaging to the Vatican.

“. . . the Secret Message of Fatima was to be opened in 1960, by the Pontiff then reigning, or on the occasion of Sister Lucia’s death, whichever occurred first, and then immediately published to the world. Sister Lucia is still living. The Pontiff reigning in 1960 was Pope John XXIII.

“‘ . . . The secret contained important information about the Conclave and, as Sister Lucia has since stated to several priest interviewers, about the Papacy.

‘Rest assured, if the Secret dealt with no information other than the end of the world, a third world war, a great chastisement, or warnings and threats no matter how dire, the Modernists certainly never would have suppressed it. Why should they? But if it were to expose them? . . . ; if it were to break their power . . . then, of course, they would stop at nothing to suppress it. And by . . . 1960, they had more than enough power to control the news in any way they chose.” 

     Not only did John XXIII suppress the secret part of the Fatima message, but also seemed to ridicule the published exhortations of the Mother of God. In what now appears to have been a mocking of Our Lady’s repeated warnings, the “good ‘Pope’ John” declared on October 11, 1962, during his opening speech at the infamous Vatican Council II:

“We feel bound to disagree with these prophets of misfortune who are forever forecasting calamity as though the end of the world were imminent. And yet today, Providence is guiding us toward a new order of human relationships . . .” 

     It was perhaps not coincidental that the word “misfortune,” in Roncalli’s speech, (often translated as “doom”) was the same expression used by Our Lord at Rianjo, to describe the fate of the Popes who, like the Kings of France, procrastinated in their compliance with Heaven’s requests.

     What Roncalli had in mind by a “new order of human relationships” would soon be demonstrated when he granted a private audience, in March, 1963, to the daughter and son-in-law of Soviet Premier Khrushchev, the butcher of Catholics in the captive nations. The audience, which was of immense propaganda value to the Communists, coincided with the presentation of the “Balzan Peace Prize” to Roncalli. This would be a clear signal to the Communist world of the Vatican’s new orientation, since “peace” as defined by Marxist propagandists is:

“. . . the condition that will be achieved when Communism rules the world.” 

Is that the case today when the villain Putin acts with such disregard for humanity?

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One comment on ““It is not meant for my time.” Oh Really?

  1. The term Rosicrucian refers to Freemasonry; Roncalli was rumored to be a Freemason by many at the time. Giuseppi Siri was Pope Pius XII’s candidate for the Conclave of 1958. Lots of controversy over the white smoke/black smoke at the time. Documentation abounds about this and also about the fact that Siri declined the papacy at the last minute because he and his family were threatened w/death should he accept. In addition to Khrushchev’s threatenings there was the Vatican/Moscow agreement that was signed and is still in effect today. It says that the Vatican will not say anything negative about Communism. In addition there is a very small book, entitled, “AA-1025: Memoirs of the Communist Infiftration Into the Church”, revealed by Marie Carre. Also, the deceased Fr. Malachi Martin was in the process of getting ready to publish his new book, “The Role of the Catholic Church in the NWO” when, quite astonishingly, he died mysteriously from an accident. All his notes, documentation, copy, etc. for this non-fictional work went missing.

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