Hypothetical Question On The Next Conclave

Considering Michael Voris’ dogged efforts to hold Cardinal Dolan and other modernist enemies of Christ’s feet to the fire alongside his “dogma” about never criticizing the pope, the following query arises: What would Mr Voris do in the event that Cardinal Dolan is elected pope after Francis? All of his criticisms of his failings as a prelate are on record. Then with a whiff of white smoke does all that just “evaporate” and we ignore his follies as Mr. Voris ignores those of Francis? Your thoughts are appreciated. I especially look forward to Howl’s gathering of opinion from the the Star Trek crew, the Great Gazoo, Mr. Ed, and the other cast of wise characters! Thanks all!

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4 comments on “Hypothetical Question On The Next Conclave

  1. Tim, with all due respect your question presupposes there will be a “Next Conclave” but it may come to pass that Our Lord will lower the boom before such an event can take place. The way things are today I would guess the odds are at least 50-50.

  2. But should there be another Conclave the main question IMO would be: will those in favor of maintaining Tradition be outvoted by those in favor of more radical change(s)? That is, if there really are any in favor of Tradition.

  3. I do not claim to be an authority on all things Voris, but I seem to recall that he has danced this dance before with respect to Pope Benedict. He was O.K. with criticizing Cdl. Ratzinger, not with criticizing Pope Benedict. I would imagine the same precept would hold.

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