“Love to have ya”

‘Love to Have Ya!’

The Vortex

Once liberals show up, the games begin.

Hello everyone and welcome to The Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and
exposed. I’m Michael Voris back from New York and our coverage of the St. Patrick’s
Day Parade.
It seems some irresponsible and VERY uninformed postings in social media have raised
some questions about what happened before and immediately after our interview with
Cardinal Dolan.
First – here is the interview, if you can call it that.
Roll interview.
The interview happened inside a police barricade that you had to present press credentials
to gain access to. Our team had our Church Militant credentials – we presented them and
were cleared by New York City Police officers manning the barricades to go in.
That’s how we gained entrance, just like every other media outlet, camera crew and
1:29 seconds AFTER the interview a man who did not identify himself came up to us
abruptly and said we had to leave and began shoving both me and Matt Pearson, who was
running one of our cameras, out of the barricaded area.
At the time, we had no idea who he was. We had no idea why he had done that. He did
not identify himself as a police officer. In fact, he didn’t identify himself as anything.
He just started shoving us out.
Now we want to show our video of all this – in detail – what we saw when we went back
later and looked at it closely.
First – back to the immediate aftermath of our question. Cardinal Dolan gives a political
nonsensical response and turns away to walk towards a gathering press scrum.
Notice who helps lead him away – the man in the green baseball hat. That man is Joseph
Zwilling – the communications director for the archdiocese of New York.
Zwilling knows me. He has seen various Vortex reports over the years. He and I have
communicated with each other – although it is usually a very short communication. Point
is – he knows me and Church Militant.
In one very brief interlude, the Cardinal says something to Zwilling and carries on glad
A few moments later, as the Cardinal approaches the media scrum, Zwilling turns around
to look back to see where we are, to keep track of us.
That alone is curious. There were dozens of reporters and cameras bearing down on the
Cardinal and Zwilling’s attention is focused on us.
We swung around to the south side of the media horde and when we did that, we
happened to capture footage of Zwilling giving instructions to the unnamed guy who a
few seconds later came and physically shoved us out of the barricaded area.
It is beyond dispute therefore, plain video evidence, that the guy who manhandled us, got
his orders to do so directly from Cardinal Dolan’s top aide – the communications director.
They were both looking directly at us as you can clearly see. Zwilling is doing the
talking and then his guy comes over and does his thing.
So, question. Is this how the archdiocese of New York, Cardinal Dolan and his staff treat
faithful Catholics?
Our question was more than legitimate – did he have anything to say to loyal Catholics
who were upset at the public scandal he was causing?
Sure, it’s not a softball question, but that’s not the point. It was and still is a very pertinent
question and the Cardinal should answer – not send his minions out to squash all
Isn’t this the era of much ballyhooed mercy in the Church? Aren’t we in the epoch of
dialogue and tolerance.
Cardinal Dolan even said in reaction to our question – “come on in. We’d love to have
ya.” Really? Sure didn’t look like too much lovin goin on after he walked away and
whispered to Zwilling.
Does the Cardinal who helped launch the US bishops Fortnight for Freedom effort to help
shine the spotlight on the First Amendment right to Freedom of Religion turn around and
DENY the other first amendment right to Freedom of the Press?
Does he not want to answer tough questions? Just what did he say to Zwilling for that
brief moment? In the one minute and few seconds after the Cardinal said something to
Zwilling, he kept tracking us, found some body guard type guy, told him to get rid of us
which the hired gun did immediately.
This order came directly from Joe Zwilling’s mouth.
At last there is irrefutable video of evidence of how the Church of Nice operates – which
is to say, like thugs.
As I said, Zwilling knows me. He knows I was no physical threat to Cardinal. If I had
wanted to reach out and stab the Cardinal or some other crazy thing, I already had my
chance when I was two feet away from him and nothing in between him and I.
No, the threat was not physical, never was. It was ideological. And the reason it was a
threat was because it shatters this entire façade of the Church of Nice being welcoming
and friendly.
There is a very fine message being carefully crafted, an illusion being constructed that all
that happens these days is about mercy and so forth.
The façade must be maintained at all costs. You can never be allowed to see the man
behind the curtain because once the light is shined on all this, it all comes tumbling down
– immediately recognizable for the joke that it is.
It’s little else than spiritual and political capers and falderal. When Fr. Pablo Straub was
still alive, God rest his soul, he said to me once on one of his many visits to our studios,
“You know Michael, once liberals show up, the games begin.”
Games indeed. That’s all the Church of Nice is – games, orchestrated by manipulative
intolerant controlling thugs who deeply oppose faithful Catholics, loyal sons of the

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2 comments on ““Love to have ya”

  1. All Michael says is true.
    Now all he needs to do is connect the dots all the way to the top.
    The same double, dishonest standard being applied by Dolan – nice and cheesy to homosexuals and almost everybody else but “toss ’em out” to traditionally minded Catholics – is also being applied from Rome.
    Please Michael, connect the dots. Dolan and many, many others are taking their example from Rome.

  2. Mike, In you previous video, the police cooperated with the Cardinal, et. al. in making you leave after you had been shoved…and you kept repeating” we’re walking” . You should have been within your rights to report to the police that the man had shoved you, and it also
    seems that because you are press, you had a right to stay there. If you have a lawyer friend in NYC, best to take him along on such occasions.

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