I stand with Archbishop Cordileone!

SOURCE: Life Site News


San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, well-known for his uncompromising defense of orthodox Catholic teaching and pro-life and pro-family values, urgently needs your help!

Gay activists, politicians and dissident Catholics have launched an all-out media attack campaign against the archbishop after he recently announced that he wants to codify a long-standing, commonsense expectation that Catholic schoolteachers in his diocese uphold and display public integrity regarding Catholic teachings on a wide variety of topics.

This includes Catholic teaching on controversial issues like abortion, contraception, chastity, and same-sex “marriage,” as well the Eucharist and the teaching authority of the Church.

Opponents of the archbishop are demanding that he repeal his plans, and recently even hired a high-priced public relations firm specifically to spearhead the attack against him! The media has jumped on board, piling on the good archbishop.

Shamefully, the activists are distorting the archdiocese’s broad-based action in support of Catholic moral values into a one-dimensional attempt to undermine the archbishop’s defense of traditional marriage.

American Life League and LifeSiteNews believe that Archbishop Cordileone is simply doing his fatherly duty as the spiritual head of his diocese to ensure that Catholic students receive an authentically Catholic education. Parents who send their children to Catholic schools have the right to expect that their children are being taught by teachers who, by the way they live their lives, won’t undermine their beliefs, or otherwise harm their children’s innocence.

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3 comments on “I stand with Archbishop Cordileone!

  1. Glad to see another bishop standing up for the common sense principles of the faith ! Let us give credit where credit is due.

  2. Thank you for making the petition available. I would donate money to our own media campaign! Who will organize???

  3. Life Site News is pretty consistent in sticking their neck out on standing up for things that need to be stood up for. They are doing a real service on this one.

    And it looks like they are trying to launch a larger scale effort to push back against the servants of the enemy. We’re not likely to be anything other than a David facing Goliath, but maybe we could muster a decent pile of stones for our sling shot.

    The new effort is called Life Petitions and the address is here: www.lifesitenews.com/petitions

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