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“It is not meant for my time.” Oh Really?

The following is taken from the website: (I have no way of confirming the truth of what is said. Nevertheless, it is a reasonable and plausible explanation for what state the Church is in today.) If John XXIII did indeed say of the Third Secret of Fatima: “It is not meant for my time” then it exposes the hypocrisy that exists in the highest echelons of the Church.

When 1960 finally arrived, Pius XII’s legitimate successor had been swept aside, and in his place intruded the accused Rosicrucian, Angelo Roncalli (John XXIII), who had the effrontery to quash the message from the Mother of God with the deceitful excuse: “It is not meant for my time.” According to one account, damaging clues concerning Roncalli’s true motive for smothering the Third Secret of Fatima surfaced in newspapers from a country far removed from Rome: read more


Martyrology-March 31st
Roman Martyrology-March 31st-on this date in various years-

At Thecua in Palestine, the holy prophet Amos, whom the priest Amasias frequently had scourged. Ozias, that priest’s son, pierced his head at the temples with an iron spike. Being carried half dead to his own country, he died there, and was buried with his family.

In Persia, during the reign of King Isdegerdes, the deacon St. Benjamin. Because he would not stop preaching the word of God, he had a sharp reed forced under his nails, a thorny stake driven through his body, and thus completed his martyrdom. read more


Martyrology-March 30th
Roman Martyrology-March 30th-on this date in various years-

At Rome, on the Appian Way, the martyrdom of the tribune blessed Quirinus, who had been baptized with all his household by Pope St. Alexander when he was imprisoned in their house. Under Emperor Adrian, he was delivered to the judge Aurelian, and because he persevered in the confession of faith, his tongue was torn out, he was stretched on the rack, his hands and feet were cut off, and the sword completed his course of martyrdom. read more


Martyrology-March 29th
Roman Martyrology-March 29th-on this date in various years-

For 2015 Palm Sunday, when our Lord Jesus Christ, according to the prophecy of Zacharias, entered into Jerusalem, seated upon the foal of an ass, and was met by the multitude bearing palms.

At Heliopolis in Lebanon, under Julian the Apostate, St. Cyril, deacon and martyr, whose body was opened and his liver taken out by the heathens who devoured it like wild beasts.

In Persia, the holy martyrs Jonas and Barachisius, under the Persian king Sapor. Jonas was put under the pressure of a vice, his bones broken, and cut asunder; Barachisius was suffocated by burning pitch being poured into his throat. read more

Where have all the sisters gone and how can we get them back?

I was looking for a quote from one of the saints on the loss of contemplative orders. It begins something like this..woe to the church if it loses her contemplatives……anyone know it ?

While searching for it I came across this little article by a sister:

What Is It Like Being Married to Jesus?

Sr Helena Burns FSP  November 5, 2014

I’m a nun. Technically, I’m a religious sister, because “nun” refers to cloistered contemplatives. But no matter. We answer to nun, too, because it’s in common parlance and rhymes with a lot of words, like fun.
So, what’s it like being married to Jesus? Real. Very real. It is not poetry. It is not metaphor. It is not make-believe. Do you think I would give up my life to play pretend princess? Not on your life. Mother Teresa once said, “If you are called, you will know it, and you won’t be able to explain it to anyone.” But fools rush in, so here goes. read more

Daughter of Lesbians defends Traditional Marriage

Daughter of Lesbians defends Traditional Marriage

A WOMAN raised by two lesbians has come out against gay marriage and defended Dolce & Gabbana’s views on traditional families.

Heather Barwick’s mum left her father when her daughter was two or three and moved in with a woman she was in love with.

Barwick says her dad “wasn’t a great guy”, and after her mum left him “he didn’t bother coming around anymore.”

While she says she feels very much like a “daughter of the gay community”, she says she has changed her view on gay marriage and doesn’t believe it should be allowed. read more


Martyrology-March 28th
Roman Martyrology-March 28th-on this date in various years-

St. John Capistrano, confessor, a priest of the Order of Friars Minor, who is mentioned on the 23rd of October.

At Caesarea in Palestine, the birthday of the holy martyrs Priscus, Malchus, and Alexander. In the persecution of Valerian, they were living the suburbs of Caesarea, but knowing that in the city the heavenly crown of martyrdom was to be gained, and burning with the divine ardour of faith, they went to the judge of their own accord, rebuked him for shedding in torrents the blood of the faithful, and were immediately condemned to be devoured by beasts for the Name of Christ. read more


Martyrology-March 27th
Roman Martyrology-March 27th-on this date in various years-

St. John Damascene, priest, confessor, and doctor of the Church, whose birthday is commemorated on the 6th of May.

At Drizipara in Hungary, St. Alexander, soldier, in the time of Emperor Maximian. Having overcome many torments for the sake of Christ, and performing many miracles, his martyrdom was completed by beheading.

In Illyria, the Saints Philetus, senator, his wife Lydia, and their sons Macedon and Theoprepides; also Amphilochius, an officer in the army, and Chronides, a notary, who were put to death for the confession of Christ after suffering many things. read more

The Indomitable and Effective Cardinal Pell

Source: First Things



Shortly after George Pell was named Archbishop of Melbourne, he instituted several reforms at the archdiocesan seminary, including daily Mass and the daily celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours, both of which had fallen by the wayside in the preceding years. The seminary faculty, enthusiastic proponents of Catholic Lite, thought to call the archbishop’s bluff and informed him that, were he to persist in such draconian measures, they would resign en masse. read more


Martyrology-March 26th
Roman Martyrology-March 26th-on this date in various years-

At Rome, on the Via Lavicana, St. Castulus, martyr, chamberlain in the palace of the emperor. For harbouring Christians, he was three times suspended by the hands, three times cited before the tribunals. As he persevered in the confession of the Lord, he was thrown into a pit, covered with a mass of sand, and thus obtained the crown of martyrdom.

Also at Rome, the crowning of the holy martyrs Peter, Marcian, Jovinus, Thecla, Cassian, and others. read more


Martyrology-March 25th
Roman Martyrology-March 25th-on this date in various years-

The Annunciation of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

At Jerusalem, the commemoration of the good thief who confessed Christ on the cross, and who deserved to hear from him these words: “This day shalt thou be with me in paradise.”

At Rome, St. Quirinus, martyr, who after losing his possessions, suffering imprisonment in a dark dungeon, and being cruelly scourged, was put to death with the sword, and thrown into the Tiber. The Christians found his body on the island of Lycaónia (which was thereafter called St. Bartholomew’s), and buried it in the Pontian cemetery. read more

Prayer Request for a Dear Friend in Buffalo

My friends,

Please pray for my friend, Tim, who lives in Buffalo. He has reportedly experienced
a serious setback with a lifelong medical condition. I have no other details but I
am very concerned for him. He is a prodigious and entirely remarkable young Catholic
gentleman in every good sense of those terms.

My sincere thanks for your help in bombarding Heaven with petitions for a reversal of
the situation he is experiencing, as soon as possible.

Thank you,



Martyrology-March 24th
Roman Martyrology-March 24th-on this date in various years-

The Feast of St. Gabriel Archangel, who was sent by God to announce the Incarnation of the Divine Word.

At Rome, the priest St. Epigmenius, who completed his martyrdom by the sword in the persecution of Diocletian, under the judge Turpius.

Also at Rome, in the time of Julian the Apostate, the passion of blessed Pigmenius, a priest, who was killed for the faith of Christ by being drowned in the Tiber.

At Rome, the holy martyrs Mark and Timothy, who were crowned with martyrdom under Emperor Antoninus. read more