To Whom Do We Appeal Now?

Since it now appears that there is no avenue of appeal to the Holy See (Apostolic Signatura) for those of us who are attached firmly to Tradition, my question is: To whom do we appeal now that it appears fruitless to do so? My family is split; some go to the newchurch, some to the Traditional Chapel with us and, sadly, some who do not even attend church. We trads have no desire to do battle publicly with those who are in power in the Church today; we simply want to be left alone to practice our Faith as we have been taught before the novelties imposed following the Second Vatican Council. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to do this without being told that we are disobedient and outside Church or “not in full communion.” Is this what Our Lord intended?

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3 comments on “To Whom Do We Appeal Now?

  1. Such is the nature of the battle.
    If Our Lord has given us the grace to see, then let us see, and go forward with courage.
    Thank God for the SSPX !

  2. Thanks for the advice. It’s a crying shame that so many of us feel so disenfranchised by our own Church.

  3. It would be nice, really, if we could appeal to an organ of Church government and expect Justice as a result. But it appears there is no avenue of appeal except spiritually to Our Lord Himself. We can be thankful, therefore, that Our Lord said to His Apostles that He would never abandon us. O Mary conceived withou sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

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