The Valid But Illicit Church (satire). I’m sure readers probably have heard the statement “their ordinations are valid but illicit” or “their sacraments are valid but illicit” or “they don’t have faculties from me (local Ordinary) to minister in this diocese.” Usually, these statements are made by newchurch bishops who collaborate in answering questions from the faithful concerning why such and such a place or group is not recognized by the diocesan bishop. In actual fact the truth is probably that the diocese itself is “valid” but “illicit” in the eyes of God because it does not conform to the traditional teachings of the Church as promulgated throughout 2,000 years of church history. And there are many faithful Catholics who see what is happening and want answers and, unfortunately, get none. Young people, especially, when confronted with the “collision of opposites” recoil in disgust.

We find ourselves in a period unlike any other in the history of the Church where right is now wrong and even “sin” is not sin anymore. We find ourselves in the presence of clerics who do more harm than good in terms of their primary mission which should be the salvation of souls which is often forgotten to be the primary standard in canon law. Even salvation itself is thought by many to be the end achieved by anyone who believes in the afterlife. Where the Catholic Church was once seen as universal in its liturgy and administration of the sacraments, it is now a confusing mixture of the old with the new. Traditional Roman Catholics are now treated with disdain by the pope and the hierarchy except for a few prelates who cling to Tradition. Those prelates are quickly shunted off to the periphery where they won’t cause any trouble with the newchurch agenda. Yes, it’s a topsy-turvy, upside-down world out there, folks, and we need to be on guard with rosaries at the ready to deal with it.

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