If You Don’t Like the Message, Shoot the Messenger

If You don’t like the Message, shoot the Messenger. That seems to be the attitude shown by the hierarchy these days in dealing with concerns of Traditional Roman Catholics. Frankly, I’m tired of it and I won’t stand for it any longer. These canards that are passed around in chanceries and diocesan newspapers, neo-catholic blogs and venues these days that “so and so” is outside the Church and not in full communion with the Pope or bishops in communion with him, because of their, get this, refusal to accept the novelties in liturgy and church teaching since Vatican II (a pure BS claim).

One of the best examples of this is the continued attempt to denigrate the memory of Archbishop Lefebvre by saying the Archbishop “left the church.” This is the claim made in the website www.catholic-hierarchy.org when listing the archbishop under the category of deceased bishops And not only this but followers of the archbishop in his attempt to safeguard the liturgy and doctrine of the Church are also, by default and by extension, “outside the church.” Well, my friends, the fate of the archbishop is in the hands of Almighty God and we do not know what that fate is, although we can presume that a Merciful and Loving God would treat him very kindly with respect to his acts of conscience in defense of what he saw as an assault on the Faith and the attempt to suppress Tradition. What are we to say, therefore, about the calumny and slander, the lies and outright falsehoods that are being thrown around by those who purport to be “in full communion”? IMO they will get the reward that is due to them and it may not be the one they expect.

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2 comments on “If You Don’t Like the Message, Shoot the Messenger

  1. Those who reject communion with those who practice the Catholic Faith of all time are themselves schismatics (if not outright heretics or apostates). Jurisdiction over the faithful is intended for requiring them to do what is necessary for salvation. To say that someone can exercise jurisdiction to bring about eternal perdition is a modernist contradiction. The Schism of Montini-Wojtyla has morphed into the Schism of Montini-Bergoglio.

    In XTO,

  2. If you think that there is no animus against traditional Roman Catholics, I suggest you look up the snapshots of two Catholic bishops, now deceased, at the website www.catholic-hierarchy.org and then look at how their lives were lived. The first is Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and the second is Archbishop Rembert Weakland. One is said to have “left the Church” and the other is simply referred to as Archbishop Emeritus of Milwaukee. Is the lavender mafia at work? Is justice a fleeting concept in the Church of the “new springtime”? O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

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