Martyrology-February 22nd
Roman Martyrology-February 22nd-on this date in various years-

The Chair of St. Peter at Antioch, where the disciples were first called Christians.

At Faenza in Emilia, the birthday of St. Peter Damian, cardinal bishop of Ostia and confessor. He was a Camaldolese monk, famous for his learning and sanctity, whom Pope Leo XII declared a doctor of the universal Church. His feast is celebrated tomorrow.

At Salamis in Cyprus, St. Aristio, who (says Papias, the next to be mentioned) was one of the seventy-two disciples of Christ.

At Hierapolis in Phrygia, blessed Papias, bishop of that city, who was a companion of Polycarp and a disciple of St. John.

In Arabia, the commemoration of many holy martyrs who were barbarously put to death under Emperor Galerius Maximian.

At Alexandria, St. Abilias, bishop, who was the second shepherd of that city after St. Mark, and who administered his charge with eminent piety.

At Vienne in France, St. Paschasius, bishop, celebrated for his learning and holy life.

At Ravenna, St. Maximian, bishop and confessor.

At Cortona in Tuscany, St. Margaret of the Third Order of St. Francis. By means of commendable penance and fruitful tears, she wiped away the stains of her previous life. Her body miraculously remained incorrupt for more than four centures, giving forth a sweet odour, and producing frequent miracles. It is honoured in that place with great devotion.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God.

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