We have often heard the charge that so and so is “outside the Church” or is not “in full communion” and most often with respect to traditional Catholics and also, sadly, made by those with so-called canonical standing. This practice, I believe, will continue until or unless we can bring the purveyors of these lies and falsehoods to some sort of justice in the civil courts. (The’re used to be a Society, I believe it was titled under the mantle of St. Joseph, composed of Catholic lawyers who would file canonical suits against unjust accusers pro bono.) However, let’s assume, for example, that some member of the Church hierarchy would level a charge against Group A or even Individual A and a Catholic lawyer would file suit in civil court citing calumny and slander, injuring the just reputation of another, (here’s the kicker) “violating the civil rights of the accused” and requesting substantial damages. Would there be any lawyer out there who would undertake such a suit pro bono? Would the possibility of heavy fines and substantial damages convince the purveyors of such Lies and Falsehoods to quit their unjust assaults against Catholics trying to live their Faith according to God’s Commandments? It’s an interesting question and maybe some of those lawyers out there could comment on the subject. One thing I’m sure of – the possibility of having to shell out $$$s for their assaults on the Faith might do more good than asking them to cease and desist.

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8 comments on “LIES AND FALSEHOODS

  1. Th organization that I had in mind is: (Even though its patron is St. Thomas More, St. Joseph is after all Protector of The Church and most assuredly involved in any litigation.)

  2. Contact Christopher Ferrara.

    There was and I think still is a canon lawyer advocacy group in Texas, as well. And, yes, I believe they use St. Joseph’s blessed name in the title of their organization.

    • I tried to e-mail Mr. Ferrara through the ACLA website but was unable to connect and I don’t have a separate e-mail for him. It sure would be nice if he was to logon to AQ and give us the benefit of his thoughts on this matter.

  3. I was going to suggest asking Michael Matt at The Remnant for help in contacting Chris Ferrara as Chris does a lot of work for The Remnant. The website of currently offline for some reason.

    Chris also works a lot with Fr. Gruner so the Fatima Center might be able to help.

  4. Sorry that was supposed to read The Remnant’s website is currently offline…

  5. Thank you everyone for trying to assist me in getting to Chris Ferrara. I am sure God will provide the means if it is His Will. In the interim I shall bide my time since there is really no rush to a solution.

  6. Colonel, SIR!

    I have just copied you in an email with a request for one of Chris’s dear friends to put you in contact with him.

    I also credited you with scaring the _____ out of the Soviet Union while you wore the uniform. So, I told him to take my message seriously!

    Somehow, we’ll get you in touch with him!

    I’ve never communicated with Chris but he’s definitely one of my heroes – just like you are, Colonel, and not a few others on this website.,

    God bless!

    Yer pal (and still in need of intensive psychiatric intervention)


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