Gay Catholic Group Gets VIP Treatment At Vatican

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11 comments on “Gay Catholic Group Gets VIP Treatment At Vatican

  1. OVER!

    And out….

    This utterly insane nightmare is one from which Catholics CANNOT awaken!

    Good God, help us!

  2. May Our Good Lord provide the following in response to this hijacking of His Church by demented perverts… (And may He grant that we will all be in the landing craft!)

  3. OK Mr Voris, Catholic Answers et al – tell me that this does not merit a condemnation!

    Tell me that this does not have the potential to drive good, faithful Catholics out of the Church!

    Tell me that your slavish obedience to every word and action of the present Pope is NOT in fact endangering immortal souls!

  4. How much longer do you think God is going to allow this perversion to go on inside the Church, and in the world? Perhaps, as in the past when the world and His Church/leaders have gone of track, He has allowed His and our enemies to chastise man, and to set the world and his worldly leaders straight back to Him, and to His teachings. ISIS comes to mind as perhaps the instrument of our modern punishment. And they’re only right across the Mediterranean from Italy, and the Vatican.

  5. St. Francis,
    I agree that the modern world is heading straight for Divine Judgement.

    And right at the center will be the Vatican for betraying the Faith and for not standing up for God’s truth and for not teaching it.

    And as long as Voris, CA and co. continue their “Everything’s fine folks, move along, nothing to see here” approach they too will have to answer to God.

    • Perhaps the penny is about to drop for Voris. He has just done a report about Rosica threatening a Canadian blogger with legal action. It was almost possible to see the implications running through his mind as he presented the show.

      I think there is more chance of Voris seeing the light than there is of the Pope becoming a Catholic.

  6. Gaenswein? Cordileone? The “darlings” of the Neo Kathlyx?

    The so called “Conservatives” were in on this catastrophe, too?

    Turn out the lights…

    …. rubble ….

    ……. bounce …….

  7. And this cardinalatial response just in.

    And only a day after a prolife group was prohibited from marching in the upcoming and already debauched NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which will be starring sodophiles – under the auspices His Immensity, himself….

  8. It is to bad that the Vatican could not have had a joint meeting with the Gays and ISIS ! It would have solved a lot of the Church’s problems.

  9. Probably would have wiped out a lot of Cardinals, Bishops ,Popes, etc!

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