Italian Court: Pay Up and Apologize – Now! Jorge’s “Wolf” Crushed!

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UPDATE: Volpi must pay by March 3, and issue press release through Italian news agency

BREAKING: Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate Commissioner Volpi admits guilt of defamation and lies

Must pay 20,000 Euros, make public apology

Will Pope Francis allow what’s left of the FFI to survive?

UPDATE: Corrispondenza Romana has a copy of the court record and is reporting that Fr. Volpi has a deadline of March 3 for paying the damages to the Manelli family and making public apologies. In addition to the numerous ways he must publicly apologize, listed in our original report below, he must also now issue a press release distributed through AGI (the Italian news agency).

Corrispondenza Romana also asked if Fr. Volpi will resign. We believe there is a more critical question: Why hasn’t Pope Francis publicly fired him and ended this unjust and unwarranted commissioning that he himself started?

Rorate original post:

The chickens have come home to roost for Pope Francis’ Apostolic Commissioner of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate (FFI), Fr. Fidenzio Volpi, and possibly just in the nick of time.

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3 comments on “Italian Court: Pay Up and Apologize – Now! Jorge’s “Wolf” Crushed!

  1. Modernism is based on lies. It is good to see some of the lies exposed and one of the liars punished!

    in XTO,

    • Punished how? Where is the fine money coming from? Volpi’s pocket? Not likely. The FFI has been destroyed and anyone else with Lefebvreist tendencies got the message. Sounds like a win for Team Bergoglio. Or maybe I’ve been watching too much “House of Cards.”

  2. Eyyyyy!

    Back up-pa you Ferrari a minuto and have a glass of wine, si? Atsa nice!

    That civil magistrates have intervened in an obvious case of defamation IS a bigga deal, no?

    Of course, El Vaticano Progressivo will spin, lawyer up and go ballistic on behalf of the Revolution is a given.

    But THIS TIME somebody paid attention, followed the law and gave the Jorge / Maradiaga / Kasper / Volpi “family” a sharp belt right in the labonza.

    Gaudete! Jubilate!

    (Now, have another glass of wine, si?)

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