Rue de Bac “Miracle” Witnessed by Cd. Dolan

From Marianna Bartold, a friend and an excellent Catholic author of pious works, from her Facebook page, today:

Beautiful, true, and RECENT MIRACLE at the shrine of the “Miraculous Medal” in the Rue de Bac, Paris, France, shared by my friend Barbara.

At the homily today, the priest told us of his pilgrimage trip with Cardinal Dolan.He particularly wanted to tell us the wonderful miracle they all experienced during their visit to Rue de Bac and the church where St Catherine Labouré is buried.

There is a chair there where the Blessed Mother appeared to St Catherine which is guarded zealously by the Sisters still in charge.

A mother with a Down Syndrome little girl asked the sisters if the little girl could sit on the chair. This request was obviously denied. As the Mass had ended and the sisters marched into the back, the mother told the little girl to go sit on the chair. The little girl marched to the chair but instead of sitting on it, put her crossed arms near the seat and laid down her head. Then she got up and went to her mother. When the mother asked her why she had not sat on the chair, the little girl told her that the lady had told her to put her head on her lap, stroking her head and telling her she will always be ok. Everyone, including Cardinal Dolan, began to cry and pray.

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6 comments on “Rue de Bac “Miracle” Witnessed by Cd. Dolan

  1. Request to sit denied, so what does the good Catholic mom do? Gives her daughter the bad example of sneaking behind the Sisters’ backs.

  2. Yeah, point well taken. Maybe I’m just SO desperate for “something” supernatural to buoy us up re. this ecclesiastical nightmare that I mistakenly bought it.

    Lesson learned.

  3. Well, I don’t know if the girl actually saw something. It wasn’t her fault that her mom gave a bad example. Dolan needs a kick in the …, so maybe Our Lady did touch the girl?

  4. Maybe I mistook the “miracle” for an unsubstantiated report that Dolan was visibly moved.

    Far as I can see, it’s a “claim” with absolutely no “miraculous” phenomenae attached to it.

    I’ve always been impressed with the maternal solicitude that Our Lady showed to St. Catherine Labourre in the true apparition. It’s really something to converse with the Mother of God and be able to do so in such a familiar, tender fashion.

    I won’t say the child in this case “made it up.” But disobedience to legitimate religious authority is quite something else, altogether.

    The pushy, selfish mentality that defines the current curse of “apparition nuts” – made dogma by the Medjugoogoo hoax – “might” have had something to do with the mother overriding legitimate authority in this case.

    As E. Michael Jones once put it, “You touch-a my apparition, I break-a you face.”

    Once again, after momentary but misplaced enthusiasm, I depart more disappointed than ever.

  5. Pope Francis is giving the church a facelift.

    Will he get to tummy tucks?

  6. “Pope Francis is giving the church a facelift. He is putting the heart of Christ into the heart of the church.”

    The Catholic Church has always had the “heart of Christ”. From 33 AD until 1962 AD, the Catholic Church converted millions to the one true God and to the one true Church/religion in a clear and in a concise way. The hierarchy led their flock through the centuries to the path of salvation (whether individuals took that path was their choice) no matter what the whims of the world were. They upheld the teachings of Christ and of natural law. She didn’t need a heretical and a modernist “facelift” that Jorge and his fellow apostate comrades have been trying to introduce inside the Church since the 1960’s. Dolan is a buffoon, he bends in the direction the wind happens to be blowing, which currently under Jorge is blowing toward Hell.

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