Roman Bar Rumors – A “Third” Vatican Council to be Called by Jorge?

[ A “resistance” site mentioned, without affirmation or support, that some blogger in Rome who frequents locales in Rome visited, in turn, by Curial staffers, has reported that a draft document “exists” in which Jorge is planning to call a third council. I doubt it. Anyway, my edited response to that post follows… (I’d cite the site, but it would only give most of the good people on AQ gastric distress so, in the interest of public health, I’ll refrain.) It is not of great consequence, anyway – despite the “back of mind” worries we all have about this, the most shocking papacy since Benedict IX, the teenager pope, declared, “I am Caesar AND God!” and went on to twice sell his papacy, retire awhile, and then repurchase it. / gpmtrad ]

“… the entire Revolution (going back to the pontificates of Pius XI and Pius XII – when it began to recover from the walloping it took under Bl. Pius IX and, later, St. Pius X) has never overcome its fatal attraction to political solutions to ANY challenge. And that because their apostasy has nothing to do with theology, but rather a secularly-formed revolution per se.

IF there were to be a third council, invoked by Jorge and his gaucho rebels, it would have no more force to bind the assent of decent Catholics than Vatican II did. Of course, the media (THE key ally and literally the cultural movers and shakers working on behalf of the conciliar rebels at Vatican II) would play it otherwise, but last time I looked, the NY Times, TIME, NBC et al are not decisive in the interior forum (or any other one you might care to mention, either.)

Since this is not even a “rumor” right now, I’d pay it as little heed as possible.

I saw something in recent weeks that indicated Bergoglio has “named” Tauran (sp?) as his successor. And, I doubt that even the most psychopathic “cardinal” living in a tree house, being doted on by howler monkeys, would be able to do much to advance the election of Maradiaga – whom I remain convinced is a blood relative of Fidel Castro. Either way, a younger liberal pope MIGHT get the idea of ” a Vatican III ” into his (expectably) fevered skull and actually invoke one.

Nevertheless, if Mundabor’s reaction to the end of the first session of the Synod, last October, was not just an exercise in momentary hope against hope, whoever DOES succeed Bergoglio might just end up being a compromise [forged with] a deeply outraged, episcopacy which, if only because they realize they’ve been had and are themselves subject to defenestration at any moment by a(n) out-of-control progressive machine…”

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  1. But, then, again (at least in history books and movies) the occasional defenestration has had its particular uses….

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