Sinning (in feminine) against the Holy Ghost

Sinning (in feminine) against the Holy Ghost

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Translated from the Spanish by Roberto Hope

To us Catholics, this aberration affects us by contagion of proximity and confusion, product all this of the disgraceful secondvaticanist ecumenicism, which very soon degenerated into an exaggerated benignity and gullibility the size of the Roman Cloaca Maxima, capable not only of hobnobbing and getting friendly with what is most traditionally anti-catholic, but also of propitiating and engendering the monstrous interreligious cohabitations in Assissi.

That is how we can witness so unimaginable scenes as watching the Pope greeting with profusion of fondness a female wearing a clerical attire, who is the president of I know not what, of heretics of I know not where. The photo accompanying the article is of yesterday’s, in San Paulo Fouri le Mura, where they were praying together for unity.

Yesterday evening the Pope was praying for the unity of Christians in Saint Paul Outside the Walls; today a sacrilegious attempt has taken place against such spectral unity. It looks like an aberrant, irreverent parody, but at last, the original anglicans, those born out of that unsatisfied swine Henry VIII Tudor, have consummated the horrendous sin of ordaining a female bishopess, an ambitious female with an irrepressible craving for clerical power. May God save us from the Queen and her female bishopesses.

The problem is one of faith, of loss of the Catholic, Apostolic faith. The problem is an ecclesiological, theological one.

It needs not mentioning that if I pray for the union, I pray first for the conversion and repentance and the spiritual healing of heretics and schismatics. Even though I see it more and more impossible given their false will demonstrated in the perversions such as that which I comment in this article.

Anglicans attempt against the priesthood with full irreverence because they don’t know what is what they have never had: A priestly hierarchy.

We Catholics remain silent… or approve, consent or dissimulate because we are ceasing to believe in the Sacrament of Holy Orders, its effects and its consequences. That is why there are already dis-Catholics who find it all right to ordain women, we also have degenerate nuns which claim it as a ‘right’, there are even not-so-Catholic bishops who are ‘open’ to this sacrilegious idea.

To put it in context, I must say that not being a church and not having the faculty of conferring the Sacrament of Holy Orders, what they have done in York this morning is an improper, clericaloid, heretical, blunder, even though they have clothed it with all of Great Britain’s pomp and circumstance. But sin there is indeed, because in addition to subsisting in the original heresy of the murky foundation of that Anglican confession, the participants, the woman and her complacent co-hierarchs are neither ignorant nor innocent. What the opinion is of the supreme visible head of the anglicans, which is the Queen, nothing is known. We intuit that as long as the Crown is not put at risk, the Queen will sign anything, wherever she has to sign and will stamp her royal seal, without getting into further complications. If only one dissenting cleric has raised his voice against, and the rest of those attending have approved and the public has applauded, the Queen will graciously consent and turn the page, since the surviving thrones are not in a condition to suffer religious scruples. Doctors, besides, there are many in Oxford and Cambridge which may be able to discern. Oh no! But what does it matter if the rite turns out to be politically, feministically correct, in accordance with fashion.

I am among those who believe and hope and do not swallow the poisonous pill, no matter how much they edulcorate it with the sweet syrup of ecumenism.

I am among those who still hope that, like that anglican cleric who raised his protest, some Catholic bishop who, conscious of his sacred episcopal-hierarchical munus, will distance himself from the silent episcopal herd and condemn and declare that aberration of the pseudo ordinations of anglican females, to be a sin against the Holy Ghost. A pastor who, not more, not less, will spot the wolf and strip it off of its deceiving ecumenical lambskin.

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