Catholic Family News Media – Great Broadcast Debut from John Vennari

CFN is planning to now offer weekly topical broadcasts.

You can link to each new episode every Wednesday at 11AM (Eastern):

Here is the opener, regarding Francis’ off-the-cuff remarks earlier this week.

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2 comments on “Catholic Family News Media – Great Broadcast Debut from John Vennari

  1. THE

    “He said he chided her…”

    Not to the boys
    Who do their own schtick.
    Not to the girls
    Who call themselves Rick.

    Not to the men
    Who cut off heads quick.
    Not to the Extra
    Ministers’ clique.

    Not to the gals
    On their buses so slick.
    Not to the spouses –
    Find new lips to lick.

    Not to the Prelates
    Preaching heresy thick.
    Not to the kinky
    In lust for a kick.

    But give me the mother
    With child number eight –
    She, I’ll chastise,
    She, I’ll berate,

    Then brag to reporters
    How I admonish sins great –
    A mother and child,

  2. Thank you Long Skirts! It couldn’t be said more plainly! I’ve argued at nauseam with Catholic mothers on why they should be upset about all of this. They just blindly defend him, and criticize those who don’t ‘tow the line’. I’ve also tried to comfort a group of protestant mothers, who don’t use contraception and who are most offended and hurt by Pope Fancis’ words. They get it better than the Catholics do! And what can you say?!! They are waiting on the Pope to release a statement clarifying his comments. Poor souls!

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