They Don’t Believe

Yep, they implemented it alright, TO THE LETTER!

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3 comments on “They Don’t Believe

  1. Tim, if it isn’t too much trouble, could you post a one or two sentence summary of what this is about?

    I am maintaining my one man, 24/7 boycott of all things LaVoris ever since he calumniated John Vennari, Chris Ferrara, Mike Matt et al.

    When he does, if ever, apologize, then I’ll be willing to look at anything he produces if it is recommended by a fellow Trad.

    Until, nope.


    PS: Just so you know, I am not getting away with this boycott scot-free, either. I’ve received threatening letters from “Hair Club For Men” and two pencil manufacturers since I began this protest early last year! Oh, and I switched back to using Listerine, too!

    : – )

    • I also object to his thrashing of Matt, et al……I have met all three and know Michael the best(I’ve been to Chartres with him twice and he has been to my home and I his and my son & daughter are friends with his children)….I take a different approach to characters like LaVoris…..RECON….it’s good to know what the “enemy”(I don’t think he is an enemy in the pure sense of the world but a potential ally…..”There is good in him, I’ve felt it”….Star Wars analogy) is up to……I have a friend who thinks of LaVoris as a “prophet”. Part of the reason I watch him is to be able to better counter such nonsense with people I care about. I’ll try to give a brief description if I post anything from him. Be careful of pencil and hair jihadists!!!!

      • Hey, wait a minute. We just got our incorporation, now have a cool logo and are planning our first convention in Vegas in April to celebrate National Barbershop Quartet Day.

        Stop by, Tim, and get a free, three-foot-long osmium-coated pencil. That’s the heaviest element and you’ll sprain your wrist if you try to spin it quickly…

        : – )

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