Damian Thompson: Catholics-Must-Not-Breed-Like-Rabbits-Says-the-Pope-Yes-You-Read-That-Right

[ At this juncture, I am compelled to stop and reconsider my frequent musings over the last few years to find a cave, carry along a few stale loaves, and spend my remaining hours in bitter tears of supplication. Kyrie eleison! gpmtrad ]


Catholics should not breed like rabbits and gender theory is a bit like the Hitler Youth. Yup, the Supreme Pontiff is giving another of his in-flight interviews and yet again he leaves everyone shaking their heads: ‘He said what?’

Now, let’s be clear. Francis reaffirmed Catholic teaching on birth control (sort of) while observing that ‘God gives you methods to be responsible. Some think that – excuse the word – that in order to be good Catholics we have to be like rabbits. No.’

I know what he means. I think. Contraception and family planning are fine so long as you don’t artificially block procreation. But the subliminal and unintended messages are (a) that Catholics have a reputation for breeding like rabbits and (b) birth control is OK, full stop.

Now, I won’t pretend that I’ve ever agreed with the Church on the wickedness of the pill, but better Catholics than me who observe Humanae Vitae to the letter will be dismayed. Because they know that the media will seize on this interview as evidence that Francis is softening Church teaching.

It’s a bit like his ‘Who am I to judge?’ comment regarding homosexuality. In context, you could argue that nothing had changed. But journalists filing to deadline aren’t into magisterial context and canon law, and so they settle for the easy option: ‘unprecedented’ signals from Rome that the Church is easing up on sexual matters. Which it isn’t, so far as I can tell, though cardinals do now feel free to shout at each other in public.

What is unprecedented is the sight of a Pope who, as soon as the seatbelt sign is turned off, jumps to his feet to improvise on the most delicate matters imaginable. He has the stream-of-consciousness manner of a standup comic, segueing from foreign aid to gender theory to the Hitler Youth in a matter of seconds – read the details here.

Like everyone else, I was impressed by the crowd of six million who assembled to hear Francis in the Philippines. But did it go to his head? The Vicar of Christ has (thanks to his own misjudgments) a gruesomely difficult Synod on the Family to run and rule on in October. At this rate it will all end in tears.

Meanwhile, I have this vision of an elderly Bavarian gentleman with his head in his hands, asking: ‘Lord, was this really what you wanted?’

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14 comments on “Damian Thompson: Catholics-Must-Not-Breed-Like-Rabbits-Says-the-Pope-Yes-You-Read-That-Right

  1. I don’t know why people, after two years of this, would be shocked by this asinine statement made by a secular leftist a** !. After all, this moron is going to write an encyclical promoting the secular left’s interpretation of global warming. So, according to that imbecilic theory, having kids contributes to the “global footprint”. Bergoglio continues being a useful idiot and promoting the liberal talking points. The sad thing is, this jackass currently occupying the Chair of Peter truly believes this secular and progressivist garbage that he spews. How much longer Lord?

  2. Rabbits? Seriously? Pick any parish. Search for a mom with four kids, if you can find one. How many times has she heard, “Are they all yours?” That’s a big family these days. Is this now the “rabbit” threshold?

    Francis is such a cad. What a vicious comment. He owes every Catholic mom an apology. Makes me want to vomit, hearing this from the pope.

    And on another note:
    Now, I won’t pretend that I’ve ever agreed with the Church on the wickedness of the pill

    Aha! That explains Damian. Fine Catholic reporter, that boy.

  3. “I didn’t know whether to kick them where the sun doesn’t shine or to play dumb,” the pope said. “So I played dumb.”

    And for Simple Jorge, that’s not much of a stretch.


    There are some couples
    O, so nice
    As nice, as nice
    Can be.

    They have their weddings
    Roses, rice
    And plan forever

    No more.

    They know the latest
    Things to do
    That pleasure their skins
    And pore.

    “What need for seeds
    And eggs take space
    We desire to be
    In lust –

    Our lives are erotic
    Never neurotic
    In cholesterol-free
    We trust.”

    Some of these couples
    Are Bob and Rick,
    Some are Michael
    And Sue,

    No matter their genders
    Each has his trick
    Of blending secretions
    Like stew.

    Much money they’ll save
    On themselves these few
    From their vows ’til their graves
    They’ll live well…

    But because their intent
    Was a-party-of-two…
    Alone they’ll be seated
    In Hell!

    Thank you, Holy “misogynist” Father

  5. THE

    You can have a
    BIG house
    You can have a
    BIG car
    You can even have a great
    BIG unjust war

    You can have a
    BIG dog
    You can have a
    BIG check
    You can even have a party
    On a great BIG deck

    You can have a
    BIG trip
    You can have a
    BIG debt
    But there’s one big
    BIG that they hate you bet —

    A great
    BIG family
    Full of great
    BIG hearts
    They’re a silent rebuke to the little
    BIG farts!

  6. Quite in line with the United Nations population control agenda,strange that he should use a term that was levelled at Catholics by many Protestants as an insult in the past .what ever happened to “A large family is a blessing from god”

  7. Thompson: “In context, you could argue that nothing had changed. But journalists filing to deadline aren’t into magisterial context and canon law, and so they settle for the easy option: ‘unprecedented’ signals from Rome that the Church is easing up on sexual matters. ”

    Once again, papal hermeneutics just got more difficult.
    What’s next, Dancing with the Stars?

    The Inspector Clouseau Pope Strikes Again.
    Complete with his bag of Malaprops, gaffes, and mal à propos colloquial hermeneutics, confusing journalists
    and befuddling modernist defenders and Vatican II apologists, as this pontificate becomes sillier and more ridiculous with each interview.
    Perhaps a long vacation and spiritual retreat at Castel Gandolfo, spent in quiet prayer would be in order.

  8. THE

    The Bishop of Rome
    He lives not at home
    I’m sorry
    I have to say

    He’s here and he’s there
    He’s up in the air
    Flying this
    And that way

    He gets on the phone
    Waits for dial tone
    To comfort a man
    In his sins

    But mothers of seven
    Who put faith in Heaven
    “Don’t breed like a rabbit”
    He grins

    And how the boys chuckle
    And how the girls laugh
    And gender-benders
    Can trust this man’s staff

    But only the mothers,
    The big family breed,
    Deserve condescension…
    From this Bishop’s clichéd creed.

  9. Every time he opens his mouth he makes another faux pas. Looks like he must have attended the Joe Biden school of Communication. O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

  10. When I heard that His Holiness was going to give yet another plane interview I cringed – however, even he has lived down to my worst expectations!

    His gaffs are appalling!
    His of the cuff remarks are like dynamite to the foundations of the Church’s teachings.
    This latest comment plays right into the hands of a hundred years of anti Catholic liberal Protestant jokes.
    All the nudge, nudge, wink, wink, comments about Catholics and their large families are being encouraged by this foolish Pope.

    MY own daughter has 9 children so far. She and her husband may have more. She has publicly reprimanded a woman in a lift in a shopping center when the woman made a supposedly “funny” remark to her about “No television at your place.” The woman looked really embarrassed – score one for my daughter.

    Now His Holiness comes out and makes a similar anti large family joke!

    This Pope is becoming a joke himself.

  11. Having an obnoxious bent and a particular ire for Phil Lawler’s gobbledygook defenses of the pope, I took a look at his site for a comment. Nothing from Phil yet.

    To Phil’s credit, he is an excellent example of a Catholic father. Unfortunately for him, now, his family definitely exceeds the “rabbit” threshold. Since he is unequivocally opposed to abortion, I don’t know how he’ll deal with this.

    Back to the website. It simply has a dry news article (linked below) covering the pope’s remarks. There is one comment afterwards, however, that is less than favorable to the rabbit screed. (If the commenter, tturner, is who I think it is, he is also an excellent Catholic father who, like Phil, now shares the rabbit epithet. Wear it proudly, guys!)

    Posted by: tturner3998 – Jan. 19, 2015 9:22 PM ET USA
    I do not favor speaking of Catholics with large families as being like rabbits. This language seems to trivialize a solemn duty before God (be fruitful and multiply) for those married persons blessed with fertility. That this language was uttered by the Pope is all the more surprising.

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