CFN: Who Am I to Judge Your Carbon Footprint? (Pope Francis and Climate Change)

Who Am to Judge Your Carbon Footprint?
Pope Francis and Climate Change

By John Vennari

Pope Francis is in the news for speaking out on the alleged dangers of man-made Climate Change.
Unfortunately, Francis is outside his field in making comments on this topic, and seems to have accepted uncritically the unproven pop-science of the moment.
Francis himself is not a scientist, and no one would expect a Pope to be so. Francis, however, is also not a theologian, but was a teacher of literature in Argentina, who went on to become Novice Master, Jesuit Provincial and then Rector of the Jesuit Collegio Maximo, prior to his elevation to the episcopacy.
Thoroughly formed according to the new spirit of Vatican II, his work as a diocesan bishop centered primarily not on doctrinal issues, but on pastoral activity with special focus on the “preferential option for the poor.” If Benedict XVI was a Lumen Gentium Pope, Francis is primarily a Gaudium et spes Pontiff.
Thus we read with consternation Pope Francis’ somewhat off-the-cuff remarks at his press conference in-flight between Sri Lanka and the Philippines on January 15.
Speaking about alleged Climate Change, Francis said he didn’t know if human activity “is the only cause” of this, but added that it is “man who has slapped nature in the face.” He went on to say that humans have “exploited nature too much,” and mentioned his upcoming Encyclical on the ecology.[1]
Last month, on December 11, Francis said in his Message to the UN Convention on Climate Change, “The effective struggle against global warming will only be possible with a responsible collective answer, that goes beyond particular interests and is free of political and economic pressures.”[2]
In both of the above statements, Francis appears to accept the prevailing narrative that global warming indeed is taking place, and that man and governments must act to retard or eradicate it.
Such benign – and apparently naïve – statements of Francis make no mention of the neo-pagan agenda of today’s environmentalists, a destructive agenda which calls for even greater alarm bells than any alleged ecological threat.
Granted, no one wants unregulated pollution of the earth, sea or sky, but today’s “Climate-Change – global warming” hysteria has all the appearance of a false crisis with a dark agenda.[3] It is a means of pushing for massive population control and a pretext for more government control into the details of our lives; it is where the “grant money” is for scientific research; the news media seldom tells us the truth regarding the non-threat of so-called man-made global warming. Much of the science itself is fraudulent or at least questionable. We will look briefly at these points….

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