A Quick Thank You to My AQ Family

Gang, you really are the best.

For reasons I won’t go into, this has been one of the worst – but because of certain AQ members and friends – one of the best days I’ve known in some time.

The details don’t matter, but your concern, prayers and kindness do. more than I could ever express.

God reward every one of you for your charity, my very dear friends.


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One comment on “A Quick Thank You to My AQ Family

  1. There were at least two traditional Ignatian retreats that I know of that took place during the week of your trying times. I was on one of them.

    It was good to hear fellow Catholics helped you through as our prayers have always done for each other in the past, are in the present, and will continue to do until we’re together praising God in Heaven one day.

    Prayers for Jacqueline as well.

    Deo gratias to our Good God who has given us so much.

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