Good presentation…..HOWEVER, the big problem is that Pope Francis, who you and your armchair “theologian” Terry Carrol have “dogmatically” proclaimed it a mortal sin to dare to criticize, will not tell the sodomites to “GET. OUT.”…..he and his apostate bishops are engineering the eventual “acceptance” of sodomy, adultery and fornication into the Church through their “Sin-Odd”. Francis, tragically, will only say “GET. OUT.” to Traditional Catholics who deny not one iota of Catholic Doctrine. Time to get real Michael.

From: ChurchMilitant.TV
To: tim
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2015 6:31 AM
Subject: GET. OUT.

Dear Friend in Christ,
Two words for the gay and gay-friendly clergy – GET. OUT. Watch this episode of The Vortex, and forward it to your family and friends.
God bless you and your loved ones,
Michael Voris

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  1. AQ’s crack “Compassionate Assistance, Even for Vatican II Apologist Wing Nuts” researchers may have turned a corner, here.

    Early evidence indicates that LaVoris may be suffering from advanced Brian Setzerism.

    Donations gratefully received by calling 1-800-OMY-HAIR.

  2. Can one of you privately send me instructions on how to get videos to show up on posts? I am no tech expert. Thanks

  3. Another excellent presentation by Michael Voris.

    And another contradiction!

    Michael attacks bishops for not condemning this sin BUT ignores the publicly proclaimed, internationally broadcast, statement of Pope Francis: “Who am I to judge?”, which went viral and did ENORMOUS harm to traditional Catholic teaching. It is acted as a muzzle to try and silence anyone who was about to criticise the homosexual mafia.

    Michael, wake up! Everything you said is correct, but it applies to your Pope too.

    I recently sent an email to Church Militant telling them I would NOT be renewing my Premium subscription. I pointed out, AGAIN, that they are criticising every priest, bishop and religious who pronounces false teaching – but giving the Pope a free pass, when he is in fact doing more damage than all the rest because of his position as Vicar of Christ.

    Michael Matt seems confident that things are so bad that even Michael Voris and others may come on board the reality train and start telling things as they are. I sure hope he is right. The head in the sand approach of the so-called neo-cons is appalling and harmful.

    If Rome is becoming the center of corruption that needs to be shouted out clearly.

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