Chris Ferrara: Mark Shea’s Head Explodes!

“… Shea is beside himself over a searing critique of this pontificate by Maureen Mullarkey that appeared in—oh the horror!—First Things. He cannot believe it: “This was not written on a bathroom wall where it belongs. It was not published on some blog published from Ignatius Reilly’s basement. This was published by First Freakin’ Things.” Yes, First Freakin’ Things, the preeminent journal of “moderate” Catholic opinion that could never be accused of “rad trad” leanings.

A bewildered Shea wants to know: “First Things: What happened to you guys?” Francis happened, that’s what… ”

[ click on link, above, to read entire article in the Remnant ]

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7 comments on “Chris Ferrara: Mark Shea’s Head Explodes!

  1. When exactly did Vatican II modernism reach the Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein stage?
    It used to be they had at least Andrew Greeley’s level of sophistication, humor, and Catholic education.
    Now any wacko nutjob Protestant convert unfamiliar with Catholic culture and history can set up a blog and be declared a Catholic expert providing headaches for Catholic laymen.
    First Things, in case anyone didn’t notice, is not a Catholic journal. It has been adrift for quite a while under editorship somewhat unsteady and unfamiliar with Catholic mores and traditions. Whatever happened to Catholic journalism being handled by, well, Catholics? They couldn’t find any Catholics at the local meeting after the last one bailed on the marriage debate?
    Political criticism of popes is hardly anything knew or astonishing. Progressive modernists went after both Benedict and John Paul II during their papacies.
    Some semi-recovering Protestant nerd, completely lacking any kind of Catholic education, issuing fatwas and throwing bullying tantrums from a blog takes things a long way from Commonweal and The National Catholic Reporter.
    Where are the bishop and pastor for this loose cannon to clarify so much confusion? As modernists reach greater levels of hysteria and desperation to prop up this pontificate, you can expect more of the same. When there are no Catholic adults at the helm, this is what happens.

  2. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein is infinitely better than anything the heretical smutwright Greeley ever published. At least you don’t have to be afraid to let your kids watch it.

  3. The Greeley allusion was not meant to be taken literally. But even Greeley had more common sense than some of the Protestant convert bloggers eager to appoint themselves pope and anathematize Catholics in every direction like anti-Catholic fundies. In fairness, we couldn’t see Lou Costello actually blogging on Ultramontane theories of papal authority or global warming encyclicals, verbally spanking Catholics left and right like Jack Chick, either, however close his waistline to fitting the suit might have been. Or however much that would elevate The National Catholic Register‘s ideas for evangelizing culture.

  4. Perhaps we should send him the complete works of the late Michael Davies to read.

  5. Mullarkey done good. Period.

    Time to stop prancing around the burning lunch bag filled with doogie-do and call this wholly intent Argentine progressive Jebbie an Argentine progressive Jebbie.

    See how easy that was?

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