And this year’s nominees for the Bergy in the category of “Best Leading Actor/Actress in a Horror Film” are…”

And this year’s nominees for the Bergy in the category of “Best Leading Actor/Actress in a Horror Film” are…”

Bruno Forte (Italy)
Super-Modernist Bruno Forte was appointed bishop by Saint John Paul II in 2004 and ordained by none other than Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the future Benedict XVI. This year, Pope Francis appointed him to take a leading role at October’s Synod on the Family. Forte is the author of the infamous paragraphs on adulterers and homosexuals in the Synod’s first relatio document, which caused absolute havoc in the Novus Ordo Church. Though the controversial text did not receive the required two-thirds majority of the attending bishops for inclusion in the final version of the document, the paragraphs in question were nevertheless retained in the final text “for discussion purposes” — at the specific order of Pope Francis. You can easily see why Bp. Forte would be included in our list of nominees.

Walter Kasper (Germany)
The former president of the Vatican’s “Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity”, that is, the curial branch that deals with matters of ecumenism and relations with the Jews. Bp. Kasper is a textbook Modernist, rejecting (by questioning or outright denying) the dogmas of the Resurrection of Christ, the inerrancy of Scripture, the necessity of the Church for salvation, and the divinity of Christ, among other things (source). Kasper has been the theological mastermind and puller-of-strings behind the move to permit public adulterers to receive the Novus Ordo sacraments. Kasper was chosen by Francis to give the keynote address at the consistory in February, precisely on this very topic. Francis had lauded his “serene theology” and allowed Kasper free reign at the Synod on the Family in October. Is the German perverter of doctrine your choice?

Cristina Scuccia (Italy)
If you need an introduction to this woman, you haven’t been paying attention. Twenty-six-year-old Sister Cristina Scuccia is a member of the Ursuline order who stunned the world by appearing on the secular singing talent show Voice of Italy on March 19, which proved to be only the first of numerous appearances. With such profane rock and pop songs as Girls Just Want to Have Fun, What a Feeling, Livin’ on a Prayer, and (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life, Suor Cristina made a mockery of the Roman Catholic sisterhood and contributed to further profanation of sacred things by a world that already does not value what is holy. Not surprisingly, Cristina ended up winning the competition. In October, she released a cover of Madonna’s Like a Virgin, and appeared in another secular TV show, in which the hosts themselves — one male, one female — dressed up as Catholic nuns. For December, Pope Francis has invited the rocking nun to perform at the Vatican Christmas concert. Certainly, this woman would be a good fit.

Fidenzio Volpi (Italy)
Franciscan Capuchin appointed by Pope Francis to effectively dismantle the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate for their “crime” of preferring the 1962 Mass over the 1969 Novus Ordo. In 2013, Francis appointed him Apostolic Commissioner of the order, making him its de facto head. Volpi’s ruthless tyranny, fully approved by Francis, has reached insane proportions by now, as Volpi has even warned diocesan bishops not to incardinate any monks of the order who may wish to leave it and seek refuge in a diocese. This came after Volpi refused to grant 81-year-old Fr. Stephano Manelli, formerly the order’s superior, his request to visit the grave of his parents. A lay petition to have Volpi removed fell on deaf ears at the Vatican last year. As the right-hand man unleashing Francis’ hatred of anything reminiscent of Catholicism, Fr. Volpi makes an excellent nominee.

Michael Voris (United States)
President and founder of St. Michael’s Media and Sr. Executive Producer at ChurchMilitant.TV, the only Catholic full-time internet TV station; host of The Vortex, the popular “conservative” Novus Ordo news & commentary broadcast. We’re including him as a candidate not only for his ridiculous double-standard of criticizing Novus Ordo bishops and cardinals left and right while refusing to criticize Francis for the very same things, but also — and especially — for his scathing rebuke of those who disagree with this approach and do criticize Francis. In February, Voris published a veritable manifesto, entitled “ChurchMilitant.TV Will Not Engage in Public Criticism of the Pope”. In it, he accuses those who expose and criticize the confusion and devastation Francis has caused of “spiritual pornography.”

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  1. What a lineup. I’m really torn. I’ll have to go for the home boy because Americans are always at a disadvantage in European film festivals.


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