Pontius Cuomo, Liberal Icon, Assumes Room Temperature

Although we are obligated to intercede for the delivery of Mario Cuomo’s soul from eternal perdition, I’ll only point out here that he was given four score and two years to handle his own side of the divine bargain.

It’s really neither impossible nor that hard to do.

If you want to read about his colorful past (including his once being signed by the hapless Pittsburgh Pirates as a prospect), be my guest:


His Harpo Marx-lookalike scion, inaugurated today for yet another reign of terror over the four hundred and twenty five still-sane, Catholic and responsible citizens left in the Empire State, hinted at a George Washington-like apotheosis of the blubbering gasbag while his cupcake-princess and live-in paramour looked on fondly, her eyelashes no doubt fluttering.

This gang is Mario Puzo’s version of the Kennedy mob on steroids.

That said, Mario Cuomo, like Bill Clinton, could sell refrigerators to eskimos.

And these days, MOST Americans are indistinguishable from gullible blubber eaters.

What, in charity, we hope is that ol’ Mario “got religion” in time. Because there was literally NOTHING “right” about Cuomo’s moral turpitude on abortion and contraception.

It’s never a pretty sight when offspring turn out to be less than their own parents. The late ex-Gov’s folks were hardworking shopkeepers from the Old Country.

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3 comments on “Pontius Cuomo, Liberal Icon, Assumes Room Temperature

  1. Dolan will bury him !

  2. Happy New Year to all!

  3. Assumes room tempature LOL I grew up in NYC, this guy started as a republican but when he saw that wouldnt get him anywhere in liberal new york he became more and more immoral, he now pays the price.

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