Pontificium Consilium de Cultura’s “Blonde Joke”

This poor soul! (The spokes-mistress, that is.) NOBODY with an IQ above room temperature would EVER consent to appear on camera, blathering away about THIS moronic gibberish – would they?

Oh, wait…

Duped into being a spokeswoman for the densest, most senseless and clueless organization ever dreamed up in a back alley opium den (at least since Elizabeth Cady Stanton linked hairy arms – across time and space – with Eleanor Smeal, Jane Fonda and Hillary “Bruno” Clinton), let us all bow our heads in silent petition for yet another victim of ” Brave New ‘Lurch’. ”

“MATH IS HARD….” (Barbie)

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3 comments on “Pontificium Consilium de Cultura’s “Blonde Joke”

  1. Having watched this video I really don’t think any send up, by Monty Python or anyone else, could really top it.

    I take it that more experts at the Vatican have decided that the feminist movement has not yet reeked enough havoc on the Church and they want some more Satanic ideas to help destroy womanhood completely.

  2. Well, thanks to a generous grant from the “AQ Endowment for Cultural Preservation,” fidei, we took up your challenge and actually DID find something to top that video…

    And, the more you think about it, the more apt is seems of the current situation in sunny Nuovo Roma, where never is heard a discouraging word, etc. …

  3. What if we’re all wrong?

    What if this woman was chosen by the Vatican for her intellectual abilities, her theological knowledge and her representation of purity?

    Nah!! …. I don’t quite see it.

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