Dogs in Heaven??


It has been reported in the media that the pope told a young boy in response to the youngster’s question that his dog would most certainly be in heaven. Well, I understand the pope’s intent to quell the fears of the youngster that Heaven wouldn’t be all that it’s cracked up to be but he should have said something that’s in accord with Catholic teaching, like all of your dreams and desires will be fulfilled in Heaven due to being in the presence of the Ever-Loving and All-Merciful God; He will not disappoint you. Catholic teaching has always been that Heaven is for those beings having an immortal soul, a new Heaven and a new Earth, the likes of which we cannot possibly imagine with our limited intellects. (A lot of what we have in this earthly existence was provided by the Creator to help us in our journey back to Him for all eternity and that includes pets.)

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6 comments on “Dogs in Heaven??

  1. How about cats? Jorge has said at one time or another that Muslims, Jews, atheists, protestants, Buddhists, commies and now dogs are all going to Heaven, but not cats? Oh well, I guess my dearly departed cat will be joining me in the bowels of Hell someday, because, after all, Bergoglio doesn’t think traditional and orthodox Catholics (because we are a bunch of Rosary counting, rigid, close-minded self-absorbed promethean neopelagians) are going to Heaven either.

  2. Jorge is greasing the skids for himself to get into heaven, just like JPII did for himself to become a “saint”. I suspect that the Koran Kisser has already met his disappointment. Jorge’s time is coming, but not soon enough to suit me.

    May his reign be short.

  3. All of this stuff comes down to one conclusion:

    Anti- pope Francis. Anti-pope Francis! Anti-pope Francis!!

  4. 2) Why do we have reason to be suspicious?
    First, because the common theological opinion for centuries has been …

    Hahaha. When has “common theological opinion for centuries” ever stopped Jimmy from defending a papal novelty?

  5. What actually happened was that somebody asked Jorge whether he was upset that a Fox Terrier won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. He said, “Who am I to judge?”.

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