Jorge’s Christmas Card

The following link will take you to an art studio dealing in the works of Victor Delhez, whose surrealistic ( to say nothing of pug-ugly, disturbed and grossly sensualized ) “art” was picked by the world’s most famous Argentinian egomaniac, since Evita Peron, for this year’s official Vatican “Winter Solstice Observance”.”

Look for your cards in the mail, soon, gang. But refrain from showing it to your offspring. They may end up in therapy for years if you do.

Since the print Jorge picked for this year’s card was so lacking in artistic merit, beyond mere technical competency in draughtsmanship, I won’t bother to link to it. You’ll find it online if you are a masochist so I won’t help you.

Nevertheless, coming from a pope who’s favorite painter of crucifixion scenes is Marc Chagall and his blasphemous, judaized crap portraying Our Lord on the Cross (laden with Talmudic symbology), this latest expectoration from the Motel 6 in sunny Nuovo Roma is not all that surprising.

Anyway, a sparkly solstice celebration to one and all!

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5 comments on “Jorge’s Christmas Card

  1. Further info: Fr. Thomas Rosica posted the card on his Twitter account…

    Scroll down a bit and the card Fr. Rosica claims was from Francis is visible.

  2. Btw, Rosica is part of “Salt & Light” which attacks Cd. Burke openly.

    This whole thing gets weirder by the minute.

  3. *weirder*

    Also, here’s the Facebook post that got me started. It’s from “AM” and someone I know to be a devout Trad….

    “…. Hey Father Check out bergoglios Christmas card this year./..hmmm……/bergoglio-odd….

    Public Vigil: bergoglio’s odd Christmas card

    The artist is Victor Delhez. Taking a look at some of the other work from this same artist one is left with the impression that this is a person obsessed with the occult. See results of a google search here:|By Michael”

  4. The Rome Reports youtube video showing the Christmas card was posted Dec. 2013, so the recent post may be this year’s one.

  5. The quote that Christ is the true light who enlightens every person–where is that in the gospel? Christ is the light of men, says the last gospel, but the light shines in the darkness and the darkness grasped it not, is what it says. But not this quote. This one emphasizes the new, low-intensity Catholicism, everyone is Catholic, everyone is saved, no need for baptism or the sacraments, you just need Jay-sus.

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