Happy Thanksgiving to All

Today in the USA we celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Should we be thankful for the blessings Almighty God has bestowed upon us? Absolutely! Despite all the problems we encounter in today’s world, many of which we ourselves are responsible for, we nevertheless have a caring and merciful God who overlooks our faults and blesses us with His Providence and Protection. Even in our Church with all its ugly wounds we have priests and some bishops and cardinals who resist the trends of modernism and provide us with sacraments in the venerable and perennial rite of Holy Mother Church, often with great persecution and disdain from those who should be their greatest defenders. So, Thank You, Dear God, for all your blessings and for the loyal priests and religious You have sent us.


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5 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving to All

  1. A Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to all.
    Let’s not forget that the REAL first Thanksgiving in American was Catholic!


    Giving thanks to God in Florida, 1585

  2. THE

    With prayer I start the Thanking Day,
    At dawn I kneel, Te Deum, pray.
    I dress for Mass then wake a son.
    He’ll serve the priest, a chosen one.

    A hushed low Mass right after Matins,
    Our Lord above all sons’ gold patens.
    He’ll lay upon my wicked tongue,
    I pray, forgive, amidst, among

    Where in the pew with head bowed low
    I give Him thanks ’till time to go –
    Back to the world with sin so murky,
    But now I’ve strength…

    …to stuff that turkey!!

  3. [Can Jorge get any more imbecilic in his political and theological mindset?]

    Happy Thanksgiving, you people in the country promoter of “State Terrorism”!

    Posted by New Catholic

    It is pretty much the only country that truly fits the apparent description made by Pope Francis: the United States of America.

    As much as many reasonable people may disagree (as we do) with many decisions of past and present United States administrations on foreign policy and war, especially with several mistaken decisions taken since September 11, 2001, it is still breathtaking to accuse the nation and its allies in several different operations (different allies in different operations) of being promoters of “State Terrorism”, and therefore comparable to ISIS:

    Andreas Englisch: Your Holiness, I have the honor of posing the question for the group of international journalists. You spoke often, in the speeches pronounced in Strasbourg, both of the terrorist threat as of the threat of slavery: there are behaviors [that are] typical also of the Islamic State, that threatens a large part of the Mediterranean, threaten also Rome, and even you, in your person. Do you believe that there many be dialogue also with these extremists, or do you believe that this is a lost cause?

    Pope Francis: I never consider anything lost, ever. Perhaps one may not have a dialogue, but never shut a door. It is difficult, one might say ‘almost impossible,’ but the door [remains] always open. You have used the word ‘threat’ twice: it is true, terrorist is a reality that threatens… But slavery is a reality inserted in today’s social fabric, but for a long time! Slave labor, the trade of persons, this commerce of children…is dramatic! Let us not close our eyes before thus! Slavery today is a reality, the exploitation of people… And then there is the threat of these terrorists. But there is also another threat, and that is State terrorism. When things increase, increase, and increase, and each State on its own feels it has the right to massacre terrorists, and with the terrorists so many who are innocent. And this is a high-level anarchy that is very dangerous. Terrorist must be fought, but I repeat that which I said in the previous trip: when an unjust agressor must be stopped, it must be done with international consensus. [Interview in flight back from Strasbourg, November 25, 2014 – in Italian]

    The United States, a huge and beautiful and in many ways a disfunctional Republic of over three hundred million people, all of whom seem to live in permanent mutual disagreement, is gathered together today to thank God for His blessings, not what many nations do together: America is far from being a perfect country, but it is no “terrorist State”, as if it were comparable in any way to ISIS or Boko Haram, and their campaign of genocide of Christians…


    Despite everything, Happy Thanksgiving! May God be thanked for all His works!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless !!

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