Chris Ferrara on LaVoris (Chris is still being much too pleasant…)

One editorial note: LaVoris is NOT a friend of tradition. He is its enemy. I wish the really GOOD guys in this absurdist opera buffa (i.e., CMtv VS. CFN, the Remnant, et al) would load, lock on and remove all doubt about the agenda of this pompadoured servant of Bergoglio’s Revolution.

Anyway, read on…

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3 comments on “Chris Ferrara on LaVoris (Chris is still being much too pleasant…)

  1. Christopher Ferrara said of Voris “Adherence to the Carroll Policy had twisted the poor man into a pretzel.”
    I found when I raised my concerns directly to CMTV about their policy of banning any critical comments about the Pope, his statements or his actions, that it was Terry Carroll who replied. He twisted things back and forth very much like a pretzel with any attempt at logic being discarded. You can view this discussion on another post on this website.
    Finally Mr Carroll went silent. I guess he decided he had wasted enough time on me.
    I would like to ask one question though. Why do people seem to be suggesting that Terry Carroll is a member of Opus Dei?

    • See
      CMTV began in 2008 with a quarter-million bucks from an OD fellow traveler. Carroll writes: “Parting of the ways [with the OD backer] was completely amicable and was, in part, motivated by a desire to eliminate all the baseless speculation about `outside influences’ such as Opus Dei, of which Michael Voris is not and never has been a member.”

      Any OD influence is “baseless speculation.” Cute. $250K didn’t buy anything permanent.

      In 2010, Voris promoted OD as THE answer to all that ails AmChurch today. But “Voris is not and never has been a member.”

      As for Carroll, if he’s not on board with OD, he probably wouldn’t be there. That’s not to say he’s a “member.” You might want to ask him point blank if he’s a “friend,” “supernumerary,” or “numerary.” But beware that craft members are trained in the practice of mental reservation (holy obfuscation), and hence, you might not get a useful reply.

  2. Pompadour? In his dreams.

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