The Next Conclave

Will it be a battle royale or a deflated balloon? Will a remnant of traditional cardinals hold fast to Tradition and prevent the two thirds majority of Modernists from imposing another one of their own on the papacy? Will we see, finally, good Cardinals insist on elevating someone who is Catholic to his roots and who insists on retaining the doctrines and dogmas of the perennial Magisterium? Of course, we have no way of knowing but we must hope that the Holy Spirit will accomplish what we, so far, have been unable to achieve. Pray for a good outcome.

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3 comments on “The Next Conclave

  1. I’ll join you in praying for a good outcome.
    And also that it happens soon.

  2. All the more reason why we should storm Heaven with our prayers and sacrifices so these undesirable events do not occur.

    • Absolutely.

      The enemy wins a central objective when we are demoralized.

      Yes, only God can save us from this horror.

      But God demands the active involvement in that of His faithful.

      God IS going to win in the end.

      And what we need to do is without ceasing is offer up prayer and sacrifice and implore that He guide us and provide the grace necessary to do His Will both Spiritually AND actively.

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