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Martyrology-December 1st
Roman Martyrology-December1st-on this date in various years-

The prophet Nahum, who was buried in Bagabar.

At Rome, the holy martyrs Diodorus, a priest, and Marian, a deacon, with many others, while they were observing the birthdays of the martyrs in the catacombs. They were made partakers in the glory of martyrdom when the persecutors, by order of Emperor Numerian, walled up the door of the oratory and piled up a great mass of stones against it.

Also in Rome, the martyrdom of the Saints Lucius, Rogatus, Cassian, and Candida. read more


Martyrology-November 30th
Roman Martyrology-November 30th-on this date in various years-

For 2014 The first Sunday of the Advent of our Lord Jesus Christ.

At Patras in Achaia, the birthday of the apostle St. Andrew, who preached the gospel of Christ in Thrace and Sythia. He was apprehended by the proconsul Aegeas, imprisoned, and severely scourged, and finally, being hung on a cross, he lived two days on it, teaching the people. Having besought our Lord not to permit him to be taken down from the cross, he was surrounded with a great brightness from heaven, and when the light
disappeared he breathed his last. read more

The Latest Istanbul***t: It Gets Worse !

Pope Francis to Grand Mufti of Istanbul: “Pray for me”


The Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I was waiting for the arrival of the Pope at Istanbul’s international airport.

Pope Francis went directly from the airport to the Blue Mosque, where he meet the Grand Mufti of Istanbul, Rahmi Yaran.

They both shared in one of the most symbolic moments of the Pope’s trip to Turkey so far. The two religious leaders, barefoot, prayed together in silence for a few minutes. read more

J Vennari Reports: “Pope Francis dares to pray at the Blue Mosque of Istanbul”

From Le Figaro’s Vaticanist, Jean-Marie Guénois:
Pope Francis dares to pray at the Blue Mosque of Istanbul
November 29, 2014.

On the second day of his visit to Turkey, Pope Francis went further than his predecessor Benedict XVI by praying openly in the Blue Mosque side by side with the Grand Mufti.

From our special envoy to Istanbul.

Pope Francis prayed explicitly, on Saturday morning, in the Blue Mosque of Istanbul, side by side with the Grand Mufti. It is a first. At the same spot, in 2006, Benedict XVI had simply remained in contemplation. Moreover, in a very discrete way. Enough to raise controversy. Some said that the German pope had then “prayed” in the mosque. For others, no, because a Christian, the Pope even more so, could not, they affirmed, pray thus in a Muslim place of worship. Prudently, the Vatican had settled on the “contemplation” of Benedict XVI. read more

Martyrology-November 29

Martyrology-November 29th
Roman Martyrology-November 29th-on this date in various years-

The Vigil of St. Andrew, apostle.

At Rome, on the Salarian Way, the birthday of the holy martyr, Saturninus, an aged man, and the deacon Sisinius, in the time of Emperor Maximian. After a long imprisonment, by order of the prefect of the city they were placed on the rack, stretched with ropes, scourged with rods and whips garnished with metal, then exposed to the flames, taken down from the rack and beheaded. read more

Ferrara (in CFN): Francis Invites Blasphemer to Headline Christmas Concert

“The Bergoglio Effect”: Pope Francis Invites Notorious Blasphemer to Headline Vatican “Christmas Concert

CFN link:

27/11/14 12:30

“The Bergoglio Effect” Pope Francis Invites Notorious Blasphemer to Headline Vatican “Christmas Concert”
by Christopher A. Ferrara November 27, 2014

It is hard to escape the conclusion that Pope Francis would like to turn the whole Catholic Church into the pastoral equivalent of the decadent and dying Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, where Catholics — as in all of South America — are defecting to Protestant sects, there are no vocations, and the former Archbishop Bergoglio “authorized ‘curas villeros,’ the priests sent to the peripheries, to give communion to all, although four fifths of the couples were not even married.” read more


Martyrology-November 28th
Roman Martyrology-November 28th-on this date in various years-

At Corinth, the birthday of St. Sosthenes, disciple of the blessed apostle Paul, who is mentioned in his Epistle to the Corinthians. He was chief of the synagogue when converted to Christ, and as a glorious beginning, consecrated the first fruits of his faith by being scourged before the proconsul Gallio.

At Rome, St. Rufus, who was martyred with all his family by Diocletian.

In Africa, under the Arian king Genseric, in the persecution of the Vandals, the holy martyrs Papinian and Mansuetus, bishops, who, for the Catholic faith, were burned in every part of their bodies with hot plates of iron, which ended their glorious trial. At this time also, other holy bishops, Valerian, Urban, Crescens, Eustachius, Cresconius, Crescentian, Felix, Hortulanus, and Florentian ended the course of their lives in exile. read more


Martyrology-November 27th
Roman Martyrology-November 27th-on this date in various years-

At Antioch, the holy martyrs Basileus, bishop, Auxilius, and Saturninus.

At Sebaste in Armenia, in the reign of Emperor Diocletian and under the governor Maximus, the holy martyrs Hirenarchus, the priest Acacius, and seven women. Struck with the constancy of these women, Hirenarchus was converted to Christ, and with Acacius died under the axe.

In Galicia, on the River Cea, the Saints Facundus and Primitivus, who suffered under the governor Atticus. read more


Martyrology-November 26th
Roman Martyrology-November 26th-on this date in various years-

At Fabriano in Piceno, St. Sylvester, abbot, founder of the Congregation of Sylvestrine monks.

At Alexandria, the birthday of St. Peter, bishop of that city, graced with every virtue, who was beheaded by command of Galerius Maximian.

There suffered also at Alexandria in the same persecution the holy martyrs Faustus, a priest, Didius, and Ammonius; likewise four bishops of Egypt, Phileas, Hesychius, Pachomius, and Theodore, with others numbering six hundred and sixty, whom the sword of persecution sent to heaven. read more

Happy Thanksgiving to All

Today in the USA we celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Should we be thankful for the blessings Almighty God has bestowed upon us? Absolutely! Despite all the problems we encounter in today’s world, many of which we ourselves are responsible for, we nevertheless have a caring and merciful God who overlooks our faults and blesses us with His Providence and Protection. Even in our Church with all its ugly wounds we have priests and some bishops and cardinals who resist the trends of modernism and provide us with sacraments in the venerable and perennial rite of Holy Mother Church, often with great persecution and disdain from those who should be their greatest defenders. So, Thank You, Dear God, for all your blessings and for the loyal priests and religious You have sent us. read more

Here We Go, Again! Another Claim re. an Invalid Conclave

[ I recall some months ago a canonist’s effort to invalidate Bergoglio’s election on grounds of insufficiencies in Benedict’s resignation document. Then Antonio Socci wrote a book based on electoral irregularities. This latest item probably will not get any more traction than those attempts. Nevertheless, with this crowd, I’d put nothing past them. Thus, just in case…. gpmtrad ]

From: If Ivereigh is to be believed, was Bergoglio’s election invalid?

Nov 25 ’14
by Br. Alexis Bugnolo read more


Martyrology-November 25th
Roman Martyrology-November 25th-on this date in various years-

At Alexandria, St. Catherine, virgin and martyr, in the time of Emperor Maximinus. For the confession of the Christian faith she was cast into prison, endured a long scourging with whips set with metal, and finally ended her martyrdom by having her head cut off. Her body was miraculously carried by angels to Mount Sinai, where pious veneration is paid to it by great gatherings of Christians.

At Rome, St. Moses, priest and martyr, who, along with others detained in prison, was often consoled by the letters of St. Cyprian. He withstood with unbending courage not only the heathen, but also the Novatian schismatics and heretics, and according to the words of Pope St. Cornelius, he was finally crowned with a martyrdom which fills the mind with admiration in the persecution of Decius. read more


Martyrology-November 24th
Roman Martyrology-November 24th-on this date in various years

St. John of the Cross, priest and confessor, and doctor of the Church, companion of St. Teresa in the reform of Carmel, and whose birthday is the 14th of December.

Also, the birthday of St. Chrysogonus, martyr. After a long imprisonment in chains for the constant confession of Christ, he was ordered by Diocletian to be taken to Aquileia, where he completed his martyrdom by being beheaded and thrown into the sea. read more


Martyrology-November 23rd
Roman Martyrology-November 23rd-on this date in various years-

The birthday of Pope St. Clement, who held the sovereign pontificate the third after the blessed apostle Peter. In the persecution of Trajan, he was banished to Chersonesus, where, being thrown into the sea with an anchor tied to his neck, he was crowned with martyrdom. During the pontificate of Pope Adrian II, his body was translated to Rome by the brothers Saints Cyril and Methodius, and buried with honour in the church that had already been built and named for him. read more