Art Lesson from the Sin Odd (One of “da Pope’s” Favorite Artists)

More timeless tosh and piffle from the same “nice” people who’ve brought decent Catholics to the edge of madness in only nineteen months.

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7 comments on “Art Lesson from the Sin Odd (One of “da Pope’s” Favorite Artists)

  1. If you haven’t come across it, yet – and offer a Te Deum if that happens to be the case – Chagall is one of Jorge’s faves.

    Especially a blasphemous painting by the jew painter – so called – of the Crucifixion with Our Lord decked out in jewish garb.

    Real nice folks we’re dealing with here, right?

  2. Yuk. How do you find the weirdest stuff out there? Clearly someone with “special gifts.”

  3. On the website is a link to Sr Cristina.

    Interesting the connections here. History repeats itself.

    Anybody remember the original Singing Nun?
    Anybody remember how she started singing in a habit, abandoned the veil, abandoned the habit, renounced many teachings of the Church, began a lesbian affair and finally committed suicide!!

    Why don’t people wake up!

    This is Satan at work.

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