The Good, the Bad and the Homo

According to a pamphlet from radical homo activists (the “well-funded” Human Rights Campaign), these are the bishops they dislike the most:

Cardinal Francis George of Chicago, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco, Archbishop John Nienstedt of St. Paul-Minneapolis, Archbishop Dennis Schnurr of Cincinnati, U.S. bishops’ conference president and Kentucky Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia, Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore and Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Ill.

So those are the good guys. Where do the homo hatemongers get their funding from? A list of bad guys:

Among the Human Rights Campaign’s corporate partners are large corporations like American Airlines, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Bank of America, Northrop Grumman, Chevron, Lexus, Goldman Sachs, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo.


The above quotes are from:
LGBT activist group hopes to influence family synod
By Kevin Jones
Rome, Italy, Oct 15, 2014

So PLEASE remember that the next time anyone has the impulse to say “google it”. The liberal-darling google is the enemy of morality and decency and privacy, and especially of Catholicism. They are also liars and thieves (caught committing click-fraud), they co-operated with the Chinese dictatorship  in censoring search results (e.g. for Tianenmen Square), and for Easter* 2013 they purposely ignored Easter and instead honored left-wing icon Cesar Chavez.

As an alternative, it’s very easy to just say “websearch it”.

Here are a list of some privacy oriented search sites:



“We enjoy celebrating holidays at Google but, as you may imagine, it’s difficult for us to choose which events to highlight on our site, and Sometimes for a given date, we feature an historical event or influential figure that we haven’t in the past.” Yet, an exhaustive search of Google Doodles does not show any honoring of the historical, influential figure known as Jesus of Nazareth… a demonstration of the uberpoliticking performed by the leftwing Google, and their Obama-esque ‘doubling down’ when caught in a huge poltical gaffe.


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  1. Re: Google. They profit from your surfing. One way to cut them off, if you’re running Firefox, is to install Do Not Track Me:

    A more draconian method is Adblock Plus:

    Understand that all of Google’s info collection on you is available to Obama (OFA, Organizing for Action), as well as the PRC.

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