fake interview with “Ousted” Cdl Burke at Buzzfeed?

I became aware of this via the author ESH of eastsidehunky.wordpress.com/

Conservative Cardinal Who Clashed With Pope Francis Confirms He Has Been Ousted


In the interview with BuzzFeed News, Burke confirmed publicly for the first time the rumors that he had been told Francis intended to demote him from the church’s chief guardian of canon law to a minor post as patron to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

“I very much have enjoyed and have been happy to give this service, so it is a disappointment to leave it,” Burke said, explaining that he hadn’t yet received a formal notice of transfer. “On the other hand, in the church as priests, we always have to be ready to accept whatever assignment we’re given. And so I trust, by accepting this assignment, I trust that God will bless me, and that’s what’s in the end most important.”

That’s apparently from Oct 17th. Then the supposed full text of the interview is here:

This was picked up here:

Outspoken Cardinal Raymond Burke, currently head of the Vatican’s top canon law court, confirmed to Buzzfeed that he will be removed from the job to be made patron to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, an honorary post.

and here at the Guardian:

Conservative US cardinal demoted by pope, he tells Buzzfeed

Even RC quotes it:

and NYT:

[Burke] confirmed that Francis planned to remove him as head of the church’s highest judicial authority, the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura.


…but not any of the expected Catholic sites. So is the original story a fake, or what? Followed by a bunch of lib sites like the NYT so eager to believe that it’s true that none confirmed this? It hardly seems like it could be an honest mistake by Buzzfeed. Plus, why would Cdl Burke even be talking to people at Buzzfeed (via Skype, no less) in the first place?

The author of the Buzzfeed article is “freelance journalist J. Lester Feder. He is a BuzzFeed contributor and former reporter for POLITICO and his work has appeared in outlets including The New Republic, Newsweek, and Slate.”


Was he tricked or doing the tricking? Did the Skyping have video or just audio? Another episode in the soap opera starring Francis the Worldly.

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