An Open Letter to Cardinal Burke

Your Eminence,
The is a plea that you continue to fight for what the perennial Magisterium has taught throughout the ages. Though we may have had our differences in the past because of the revolutionary interventions employed as a result of the Second Vatican Council, we assure you that our motives are solely to maintain the traditions passed on to us from the apostles. Many of us reached adulthood in tumultuous decade of the 60’s when it appeared that Modernism had indeed infected our holy Church. We were dismayed to find that large number of priests and bishops had succumbed to the pressures of the world and no longer taught what we had been taught. Indeed, today, the situation appears even worse to us with highest members of the Church hierarchy, including it seems the Bishop of Rome himself, departing from the perennial Magisterium.

We know that you have led the resistance to this movement and according to news reports may have been removed from your position as Head of the Apostolic Signatura in retribution. If this is true, we apologize to you in behalf of Our Lord and Savior, and we ask that you continue efforts to speak the truth regardless of the consequences. We pray that Our Lord will find a way to reverse this injustice. We believe we are in a watershed moment in the history of the Church and, perhaps, even in the end times predicted in the Apocalypse. So, we want you to know that we will support and stand by you in this battle with the powers of Evil and we pray for your success. Please pray for us, Traditional Catholics all, and lead the fight in our behalf and the entire Church.

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