Fr. Luigi Villa’s Investigation into Paul VI

Fact, upon fact, upon fact. And Fr. Villa was targeted for assassination, several times, for his efforts.

If you have not read through this, if only to scan it, please take the time to do so, as soon as you can.

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7 comments on “Fr. Luigi Villa’s Investigation into Paul VI

  1. I’ll call your Fr. Villa ante, and raise you an Abbe de Nantes:

    “To our Holy Father Pope Paul VI
    by the grace of God and the law of Church
    sovereign judge of all Christ’s faithful
    a complaint
    against our brother in the faith, Pope Paul VI,
    on account of HERESY, SCHISM and SCANDAL”

  2. Excellent read, unfortunately I started late and am still up !!! It really makes what has happened in the last 50 years explainable. I wonder why EWTN did not run a series on this. Or maybe they are all Masons and are the ones Our Lady foretold of along with the present Church hierarchy . Masons all.

  3. I read both links !!! No sleep !!! Should be required reading for all Catholics !!!

  4. Skipper, I stand in awe of your perseverance!

    And I agree, it should be required reading for every Catholic. The total ignorance of 99.9999% of Catholics, laity, cleric and religious of what has truly occurred since the 1950s is beyond scandalous.

    The Abbe, Fr. Villa, little old Fr. DePauw, Bps. Segaud and de Castro-Mayer alongside Abp. Lefebvre, Franco Bellegrande, handsful of traditional priests, etc. are all we have standing between Catholics and Le Deluge.

  5. And here’s one more. This rounds out the scope of the treason inflicted since 1958.

    NOTE: Hutton Gibson, Mel’s dad, is now in his 90s and I do not even want to begin to discuss some of his controversial comments. So, please do not let his name dissuade you from reading the pdf file which was written long ago by an Italian nobleman who knew and worked for Roncalli.

    The book has nothing whatever to do with anything that came later, especially the formation of a traditionalist “movement” or any key players within that phenomenon. Mr. Gibson, Senior, has merely provided a highly important work for public consideration.

  6. Thanks for the links ! Great info ! Also loved George Smiley. Have both DVDs. Maybe Montini is Carla !

  7. Bellegrande exemplifies the Italian literary style famous for its density laced with allusions, flashbacks and culturally obscure references. But it is still very readable and packed with hard information and keen insights.

    Poor Carla! LOL!

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