The Day The Pussycat Roared

By Mundabor
Oct 17

I must say, I am impressed…

Father Z publishes the translation of the story published by Marco Tosatti on La “Stampa”.

The extent of the events yesterday cannot be underestimated. It is obvious that a deep malcontent was already there. It is also obvious Francis, Kasper and Baldisseri thought they could keep treating the bishops like the pussycats they have been in the last nineteen months (and for a long time before then). What has happened afterwards could, one day, be remembered as the turning of the tide.

Notice the dynamic. As rather often in life, it needs for only a few strong men to stand up, and others will find the courage to follow. On this occasion, Cardinal Pell has the honour, though there is no doubt the strong cannon fire from others (I put above all Cardinal Burke and Cardinal Mueller; more worthy of praise because more exposed, and with much to lose) had created the ground for what was to happen.

One man stands up, and says that enough is enough. Openly, he accuses Cardinal Baldisseri – and for all those who have eyes to see, which yesterday included all the bishops, the Pope – of manipulating the Synod, making of it the contrary of what it was from the very start.

It must be said to his partial credit, and as a little contribution toward washing away a shame that will remain with him for life, that Cardinal Erdo also found some courage to talk. Possibly, because desirous to show himself on the street when back. Stones are hard in Budapest, I am told.

Interestingly, what happens next is that Baldisseri refuses, and keeps the course. This behaviour, instead of the more natural referral to the Unholy Father, can only be explained with a strategy, decided beforehand, to crush every opposition and get on with the program. “Let the one or other pussycat meow”, they must have decided together with Kasper. “They will be told to shut up, and will promptly comply”.

It wasn’t to be. Enough was, this time, truly enough.

The bishops rebel like one man. The situation has now changed. This is no revolt in kindergarten anymore. Threats of not coming back to the Synod next year had been already leaked, and there could be no more public indictment of a Pope than this one: to ignore him and say in front of the entire world “let the man blubber, and don’t do what he says”.

At this point, no one could have done differently. Baldisseri is on the ground, his position and credibility now wounded to death. The leaking will obviously become a deluge if he insists. If the bishops leave the room, this papacy will be destroyed, with an indictment obvious even for Patheos bloggers to see.

Tosatti at this point refers – boy, the synod room leaks like a sieve: hagan lio! – the turning point of the morning: Baldisseri looking at Francis.

How I would have wanted to be there! These are the moments that make Church history! A bully by both nature and long liberal practice, Francis’ instinct must have been to shut them up, and demand that his wish be their command. But the man has lived too much – wasted years, I admit – not to understand the dynamics at play.

In those moments, he must have seen very vividly in front of his eyes the ruin of his pontificate. Francis The Merciful, Francis The Gentle Uncle, Francis The Apostle Of Collegiality, openly refused by his own Bishops I do not say obedience, but respect and credentials of orthodoxy. The entire world – not only the Catholic one – would have woken up discovering that the Pope is a heretic. The press offensive would have been an atomic mushroom, because when a bishop refuses obedience to a Pope and says his positions, doctrinal stance and character are not acceptable, he must most certainly explain himself.

The man knows all this. He is a Jesuit after all. He sees the atomic mushroom about to rise.

He remains there, dark in the face, silent.

Nay: he remains there, humiliated, and silenced.

Oh, how he must have hated them! All that he always despised: the “joyless”, “sanctimonious”, “holy-card-faced”, “Pharisees”, “Neo-Pelagians”, perhaps (some of them) even “rosary-counting” Catholics standing there in front of them, an ocean of red and purple caps! Rebelling to him, the Humble Lider Maximo himself!

Francis did not say anything, apparently. But we know what he must have thought:

“Just you wait”.

At this point, the battle of the day was decided. Francis was challenged to come out in the open, and he didn’t show up.

The entire narrative of the synod has now collapsed. The reports of the small groups are now published, and it is extremely clear the synod that we have been sold has never happened. Cardinal “I think the majority is with me” Kasper is exposed as a miserable liar. Orthodoxy, as a whole and even if in the usual, weak V II way, was defended from day one, from the vast majority of the bishops.

This isn’t even a revolt. This is a bloodbath. This is Francis’ comeuppance made “small report”, for everyone to read and stun at the extent of the deception and manipulation. This is a complete, if not sufficiently strong, indictment of the entire “age of mercy”, of the Satanic excrements we have been given up to now, and that were sold to us as the New Truth; because, according to this devil in white, this enemy of Christ and master of lies, “if laws don’t lead people to Jesus, they are obsolete”.

What will Francis do now? He will do what old Jesuit manipulators always do. He will lick his wounds as he works in the dark, unleashing his hounds against the bishops outside of camera attention. Perhaps he will send one or two “orthodox” messages, to try to divide the public opinion and to lead some into thinking he may not be a died-in-the-wool material heretic after all. He will work outside of the cameras’ attention to the intimidation of many bishops, as he keeps embracing wheelchairs and making well-planned “spontaneous” stops with his humble Ford Focus. He will, make no mistake, keep being TMAHICH.

But something, I think, has now changed forever. This slap cannot be “un-slapped”. He has been exposed as a liar, a hypocrite, and a manipulator. May this not be said with these exact words, the substance of what the Bishops have said and done yesterday is clear. The bucks stops at the Pope.

I have said it before (actually, even before things came to yesterdays’ showdown) that this is an unprecedented revolt after an unprecedented blasphemy.

But at the same time, it was a glorious day. A day that must make the Modernists stop and think, and realise it won’t be a walk in the park. It will be, in fact, a huge mess, and a battle that will be sung in the centuries to come.

One feels today as if Liberius or Honorius had been publicly denounced by their own bishops. It is as if the Ottaviani Intervention had gathered with it the Conciliar Fathers as one man. It is so big.

Further battles lie before us, and particularly before the bishops. The Jesuit will come back with a vengeance, and no trick or weapon will be left unused. The bishops must understand what is going on, and resist as one man, denouncing all of them every attempt at intimidation made to one of them. They are (largely, and loosely, but still…) on the side of orthodoxy. There is no way in hell a Pope can fight them en masse and save face.

But this here was huge.

Pray for the Bishops, that they find the strenght and moral fortitude, now that the conflict has exploded, to continue on the path of Truth.

It was the day the pussycat roared. These things do not happen simply out of human forces.

What a glorious day.


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14 comments on “The Day The Pussycat Roared

  1. No Alfrink to shut off their microphones this time.

  2. So shines a good deed in a weary world. And just when we needed it most.

    • Agreed, ECS. It may be the first GOOD day Rome’s seen in, oh, what – 52 years?

      Bear in mind that while playing the “neutrality” game right up until the end, Argentina was a playground for Hitler’s top officer corps and their “retirement” planning schemes. And Chile came within a hair’s breadth of going Nazi in that era, too.

      Maybe, after yesterday, Jorge and Oberstammfuhrer von Kasper finally learned the significance of THIS tender moment in German history….

      “Invasion! Sie kommen!”

  3. There have been over the past 24 hours several mentions on other Trad fora on the central position of German bishops at both V2 and this latest excursion into schism by today’s ultra-leftists from, well, Germany.

    The following provides a rarely-discussed glimpse into how, DURING WW II, German bishops led a highly “successful” liturgical rebellion, to which – according to the historian who prepared the analysis (as well as Canon Gregory Hesse, STD, JCD of blessed and most felicitous memory, a Thomistic scholar with 15 years service inside the Vatican) – even Pius XII acceded.

  4. What a glorious day, indeed. Albeit reserved in their counter, they held their ground and withstood Peter to his face. Let us pray that pope Francis responds as Peter did, and humbly take his medicine. If he does, the Church will prosper. If not, he will tear the Church to pieces. Either way, the Synod is dead and Francis’ pontificate is on hold for now.

  5. Rather a lot of celebrating going on here, over precious few facts. This account is a highly romanticized version of events and it’s gone to our heads. Some bishops resisted, and spoke in defense of tradition in these particular issues. That is really all we know. They can all turn and run like rabbits at any moment, and as much and more damage is done by their untraditional position on religious liberty as by their position on homosexuality. It is a step forward on the right path, but I’m holding the glorious.

  6. But it is a glorious moment.

    That shows the hand of God. Because there is no way it would have happened with that lot than with the help of God.

    So we must thank Him for His gift to his wretched, undeserving people.

    And we must bear in mind it will only get worse now.

    And we must do all we can to encourage the resisters among the Cardinals to stand as one.

    EVERY time one of them is punished by Francis ALL of them must respond.

    Those were the two points this column made that I thought very much worth reading.

  7. The final relatio is out, and is not a triumph for tradition, according to what John Vennari is circulating. The worst of Forte is gone, but the liberalism is not. Homosexuals still may not be ‘unjustly discriminated against’ which comes from Ratzinger, when he was Prefect. If we cannot discriminate against them, they can go to court and demand marriage. It’s the legal open door. And the language on marriage is as ambiguous as the Council. They kicked the old can down the old road.

  8. No the Relatio isn’t a triumph.

    Far from it.

    And it is going to get much uglier from here.

    But the *outright defeat*, merited by the wretchedness of the vast majority of those calling themselves Catholics, has been averted by Our Lord.

    And the prayers and sacrifices made by good Catholics, like those reading here, played its part in that.

  9. The puss is still going to ooze out, yes. The glorious part is that some princes of the Church put Peter back on his heels. He no longer has carte blanche to peddle his sympathy for homos and related ideology. He has to either confess the true faith, or reveal his true colors. It’s not a position he’s been in before, having to lead when not surrounded by fellow travelers and yes-men. In a way, it’s similar to the situation Obama is in.

  10. I think we’re being set up again in a version of the Tea Party /Sex Socialism forced choice. Some bishops are against normalizing homosexuality and divorce, but they will not change their allegiance to other equally damning principles, like the complete legitimacy of a secular state. In fact, as more central, more damning. But we’ll be herded to side with them–I mean real traditionalists will be herded to side with faux traditionalists. Look, at least when all these articles keep chanting the terminology, traditionalist bishops, draw back and make sure you understand they don’t mean really trad, they mean the liberal version of trad, just like Tea Party conservatives are the liberal version of conservative.

    Who is making us side with this false side? I think those who are drumming up war. One ‘liberal Catholic’ source I surfed looking for reactions celebrated also this ‘thrashing’ of Francis, saying it would perhaps mute for a minute his constant attacks on Islam, calling for intervention all over the middle east. He is happy if the US marines back up his support for the secular state, all religions stripped of authority, all authority except the state neutered. They didn’t say the last part, they said he is happy to drum up any support to attack Islam, and many liberals are against that. But in fact Francis IS happy if the US marines back up the Vatican’s constant message to Islam: become like us, de-fanged and helpless in the face of secularism, or die. That too is the Council.

  11. I forgot to say, those who want war think–this is what I think–faux trads are puppies, only real trads have any power. So they want us to get confused and begin to side with Burke et alles over Fellay.

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